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S4E15 – Nineteen Eighty Four

30 second read
by The Fighting Cock
We're joined by Kat and Martin from THST, and Neil who runs the ENIC_OUT Twitter account, animals get cling-filmed to lampposts (again), we go over ENIC and Levy's rap sheet, Windy talks academy, we talk THST. Yeah, the Stoke game didn't happen. Thought Criminals: Flav, Thelonious, Neil, Martin & Kat

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  1. Ben
    11/11/2014 @ 7:45 pm

    With regard to alternatives to ENIC, they forget the loads of horrible owners who could turn up at Tottenham. Men like Mike Ashley. Men like the Glazers. Men like Massimo Cellino. Men like Vincent Tan. There is the possibility of an owner who solves only 1 of the 12 points, eg. cheaper tickets but Luddite English manager. Full faith in a manager but backing StubHub. The ENIC Out argument would be so much more convincing if a realistic alternative was fleshed out.

  2. paul blackaller
    11/11/2014 @ 10:13 pm

    I think Ben is right we could have worse owners than ENIC,but we have been in a mess since we sacked Harry.The club have never explained why.I think for MP the next month will decide his future hopefully he gets us playing with passion and guile.
    He will have to change his team selection that’s for sure hope he does and we can enjoy and cheer our team.

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