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S5E40 – Fear And Loathing In N17

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by The Fighting Cock

Facebook Awards, Southampton reviewed, blind panic about recent form, Newcastle previewed with the backdrop of finishing above Woolwich. Windy talks loanees and youth. Pochettino’s meeting with Alex Ferguson discussed, Bardi’s Brain Busters makes a return. Points v League placings. How will we say goodbye to White Hart Lane?

Day Trippers: Alex From Bristol, Bardi, Flav and Thelonious

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  1. ashleycollie
    13/05/2016 @ 4:02 am

    Fellas, Ashley here in Hollywood, an ex-pat, long time removed from the Brit. First time listening to show, great to hear your passion and love. Just a couple of comments. In the NFL, out of every 30 seconds of time, only about 5-7 seconds are actually used up by game play, the rest is waiting around, twiddling around, which is what this podcast felt like. Some great stuff but given our limited time these days, a condensed version, LMFAO, would’ve been appreciated. Just too many tangents, some wanking off — new Yankee Spurs fans (and trust me, they’re growing, as we’ve had up to 200 fans turning up at our LA local, The Greyhound, for big games, including fans like actor Eddie Marsan) will get lost by the inside jokes and accents. Maybe you don’t really care about us Yids over here, but we care about Yids who go to the games, and we love our brethren. A non-drunk moderator could help. But thanks and I appreciate it, and will check back next season. The present and future and Lily-white, COYMFS!

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