How many kits is too many kits?

by Andrew


We at Tottenham have come a long way; it really has been a mad journey since Martin Jol took us to fifth place in the 05/06 season. Players, multiple managers have come and gone but us fans have stayed the same. Battle-hardened Spurs fans have always bought the kits; whether they’re made by Kappa, Under Armour, Puma or Nike. I am now asking the question, how many kits is too many kits? I personally believe that Tottenham’s constant cycle of three new kits every year is getting beyond ridiculous. This comes after the announcement of our new purple camo third kit from Nike. Don’t get me wrong, this year’s kits are some of my favourites for a long time, the away kit especially, but if Tottenham really expect me to spend sixty pounds on a new kit could they at least make the sponsor on the home shirt not red?

Rival colours aside, for a sport that has a traditional working class fan-base how can the club justify releasing three sixty pound kits a year? Surely there would be more sense in the idea of alternating release seasons, as one year release a new home kit and then the following season release a new away kit. This way kits would be worn more than a handful of times (imagine if we play 48 games this season, I cannot see the third kit being worn more than possibly ten to twelve times) and it would give fans to get proper wear out of their shirts. It’s hardly fair on a young Spurs fan that a kit they receive as a Christmas present will realistically become outdated within six months. This doesn’t even factor in the overall cost of the shirt; as most children will want a player’s name on the back and Premier League badges which add another twenty-five pounds to the bill leaving the overall cost of a new Tottenham Youth Third shirt complete with print of the back and badges at seventy-three pounds. Unless you can grab some offers on Spurs Merchandise.

This means with the current minimum wage the average worker would have to work just over 10 hours or keep checking for the best football betting tips to afford to afford the new third shirt complete with name printed on the back and Premier League badges. This just isn’t acceptable from a club like Spurs. Seventy-two pound for a shirt that would last two seasons makes much more sense and would lighten the financial burden on those fans who can’t afford to keep spending vast amounts of money on a new Tottenham shirt every few months.

Tottenham have come a long way, and with the new deal with Nike there is clear signs that we are going to become a global brand in football over the next few years. This is great for the club as increased revenue streams will lighten the load of the new stadium and hopefully lead to more exciting signings; but is there really any point buying more kits when we don’t win anything in them? I know that’s not the clubs fault but of the seven Spurs shirts I own, only one is the kit of when we’ve won something; and that was so long ago it doesn’t even fit me anymore. Look Spurs have come a long way, we’re on a steep incline to the pinnacle of club, we’re a massively long away from the club that used to release a DVD when we’d beat Chelsea one nil, but still, how many kits is too many kits?




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