Tottenham’s chances of winning the league

by Editor


I think we can all agree that we are in need of a refresh. If this current Spurs squad was a cow, we’ve well and truly milked it of its essence and goodness, yet, we seem to still be doing our damn best to continue milking it in the hope that there’s more to produce.

A new identity and myriad of ideas is needed if we have any chance of winning the Premier League.

With new ideas comes the need for a fresh approach. We can’t keep doing the same things we’ve been doing the last decade and expect to keep up with the pack, to succeed and achieve the lofty expectations that have been set by the club.

I apologise for going back to the cow metaphor but our leadership can’t just change the farmer but not the stock.

In Jose Mourinho, we have appointed someone who knows how to win. He must be backed and allowed the platform for his ideas to flourish. He can’t work on an old system, or put square pegs in round holes. That seems to be the problem at the moment.

Desperately as a club, it seems we need to rid ourselves of the reactive mentality that seems to drive our decision making from the top. Why wait till Kane is out for the season injured to get a backup for him? Why do we languish in the transfer market so often and find the third, fourth or even fifth choice?

The most frustrating thing is there is glimpses of change, of a new approach, yet, this is plagued by the same old pragmatism time after time.

The infrastructure is set and I applaud the board for this. The odds of winning could be a lot worse without the work Daniel Levy and board have put into the “non-football” elements of our club. We have an incredible new stadium and state of the art training facilities, yet, this isn’t going to win us the trophies we so strongly desire. There’s been signs of improvement in the past five and a half years, and we have grown in stature, but, it cannot be in vain.

If Mourinho is backed, if that platform is set, then there is no doubt he can follow his blueprint to ever-awaited glory. If we can get in some fresh players and build a new identity for the squad, with a collective of fresh ideas and a clear plan; I feel that we will have something to be excited about again. However, Mourinho has never been the type to stick around, unlike Pohettino, he very rarely leaves clubs in a better position than he found them, despite on many occasions leading them to the glory Spurs fans can only dream of. Does the appointment of Mourinho point to a change in the Tottenham project? Only time will tell.

We are Tottenham; it is time we stood true to the motto we so proudly wear. To Dare is to Do.




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