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Football Career and a Relationship…How to Mix It

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Must be love, love love…

Celebrities are revered for their lavish lifestyles and enviable relationships. Football stars are icons in society, and women who seek them have varying needs to be met. These needs can be financial or emotional. A few tips on channels to use approaches to embrace, and do’s and don’ts of this fabulous dating world could come in handy. There are many different ways that you can use to meet a football star, experts from best uk dating sites know how to find footballers in real life. 

So what does it take to capture the eye of a football star and keep him?

Where to Meet a Football Player for a Partner

The fastest and easiest way to meet a football player and possibly make a partner out of him is the football pitch. If you know where your favorite star will be practicing on a particular day, make time to stop by and cheer him on. It’s probably best not to scream too loud and embarrass yourself before you meet him.

Walk after Training 

We assume the butterflies in your stomach are now all over the place. You finally have his attention for a few minutes, perhaps an hour. After his game, take walks with the player, commenting and complimenting him on his performance. Get to know the ins and outs of his life, especially when his next training, or indeed the major game, will be.  

Make a Day Off 

Plan a day where you can sift through magazines to find fixtures or events where your player may be present. You could also meet with a few star players’ mutual friends and plan for an introduction. If you’ve already met this star, a day off is paramount to sealing your relationship. Make room for quality time – it’s especially important because of a footballer’s busy schedule. The more time you have with him and trying to capture his eye is better. It removes the possibility of another pretty young thing snatching him from under you. 

Spend Free Time with Friends

Find a football star with a boyfriend or hubby status through friends. Use your male and female friends to connect you with someone you may be interested in. When you have a couple of days off, go to parties, visit restaurants or pubs with friends. Even if these friends don’t know the footballer personally, they may know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows him. Use them to get closer to getting hitched to a football star. 

Use Online Sites  

Use online dating sites to bring you closer to a match with ease. If you are looking for a hot, single athlete in the football world, joining these free-to-use sites could come in handy. Use their matchmaking algorithms to your advantage. These capabilities allow you to search for someone who matches your preferences to the letter. You can chat with a crush online and plan to meet for your first date nearby. It’s easier than hollering at football games to grab attention. It’s also safer and more discreet. 

Visit Pubs and Restaurants 

If you seek a hot and fit footballer, pubs are your best bet. Weekends and game nights make for perfect nights to encounter one of these football gods effortlessly. Plan a date night with a few friends, and have them tag along. Ensure that they know what your plans are; otherwise, they may steal him away from you. 

Pros of Using Online Dating Sites 

  • It’s discreet. There is no need to shout at training games to grab one’s attention. You can make your needs known on these secure dating platforms.
  • It presents an opportunity to select precise physical attributes and lifestyle choices of the one you need to meet. It removes any awkwardness you may encounter on your first date. 
  • They are a cheaper and faster way of meeting people – no bar bills or cab fares. 

True Footballs Love Stories Online 

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo

They were married in 2017; the couple met through Messi’s friend. 

David Beckham and Victoria Spice 

They met at a party, exchanged phone numbers, and married in 1999. 

Fernando Torres Olalla Dominguez 

This couple has been married since 2009, having met at a much younger age. 


Finding a football player for a partner can be easy, depending on your approach. Using dating sites is cool, but your personality is what counts when you meet for that first date. Plan your way around his schedule, and you will have his attention for years to come. If you don’t make time to visit pubs, games, or use online dating sites, your fantasies of meeting and dating a football star won’t bear any fruit. Make use of all these avenues and finding a football star for a relationship will be remarkably easier. 

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