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Spurs doing a Leeds

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by Spooky

A snapshop preview of Spurs v dirty Leeds United

This Saturday lunch time, we have a maverick tactician whose team play fluid attacking football and score goals aplenty up against that bloke that squats, Marcelo Bielsa. Yes, it’s Tottenham away to Leeds United and this game is quite the potential exhibition match as the season draws to a close. Whilst Bielsa’s men have been thumped numerous times (including a slap handed by Spurs under Jose Mourinho), they have entertained us all and have been a ‘breath of fresh air’ because of their expansiveness, even if that’s resulted in some dodgy defending.

It’s all a bit patronsioning, no?

Good old Leeds, look at them go, it doesn’t matter that they’ve lost again cause they play pretty football. Is pretty football enough against Tottenham’s bounce?

According to SportsBettingDime, Tottenham are 1/1 favourites to take home the win this weekend against Leeds.

Okay, so I’m also being patronising too here. I appreciate and respect that Leeds play good free flowing football. I’ve been mostly jealous of them this season because of the turgid low block that Jose had us showcasing, whilst we all fell asleep watching. But now, Spurs are a little bit rejuvenated. In Ryan Mason, we are back to playing with a little bit of expression and joy. We are quick to move the ball about and attack in numbers, on the front foot and with courage and the endeavour to be classy with our execution. Spurs are rediscovering their spark.

With Kane, Son, Bale and Dele all starting against Sheffield United, perhaps there’s still hope to challenge for a position in the Europa League (Oh God) or maybe even the Champions League (stop it now) if we keep winning and if Leicester City are beaten by ourselves when we meet them.

I honestly don’t care too much, if I’m completely honest with you. This season is done and I want it dusted and I want to get through the summer and the EURO’s and then look ahead to a new season, a new manager perhaps and new hope. Until then, all I ask for is for these players to find some redemption in their football and stick a few smiles on our faces.

Kane is still not 100%, but he’ll get back to his sublime form. He probably won’t pick up either Player of the Year awards, but he’s deserving to be in the argument, considering his goals and assists in a team that is not surrounded by half a billion pounds worth of talent. Gareth Bale has been astonishing with his output when he starts games. Look what you did Jose, look! You held him back. Now he’s out in the wild having fun. Dele too, is someone that can benefit with a solid run of games.

Spurs have also achieved the near impossible and made their midfield look productive in transition, protecting the defence and bringing the ball out into the final third. It has to do with movement and also the fact these players are now permitted to play on the front foot and attack.

Hopefully we can once more entertain our fans and have Bielsa squat so deep he disappears in the ground.


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