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Calling All Tottenham Fans – Who Do We Want to Win Euro 2020?

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by Big Jon Brex

A look ahead…

Who do we want to win Euro 2020? Is that a trick question? As Spurs fans, we’re also England supporters and watching the Three Lions end 55-years of hurt would be special. However, when you put your Tottenham hat on, you may see things a little differently.  

Whether it’s our top players advertising themselves in the shop window or transfer targets adding value to their price tags, international tournaments for domestic clubs can be challenging. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when cheering on your favourite national side.  

The Future of Harry Kane  

Everyone knows what Harry Kane is about because he regularly finishes as one of the world’s top goalscorers, and this season was no different after landing the number ten spot in the 2021 Golden Shoe. Most pundits and supporters expect him to keep scoring goals when it comes to Euro 2020, with the Euros betting odds quoting the Englishman as the 9/2 favourite to end the competition as the top goalscorer.  

Saying that, the last thing we need is for the football fraternity to see what Kane is truly capable of, particularly when the striker’s future is in doubt. If England go deep and Kane is the starring man, we should be very worried about what the summer transfer window holds for the squad. 

It’s difficult as international and domestic results shouldn’t impact each other, yet we know quality performances from a rare world-class player will only increase demand for his signature. If Gareth Southgate’s boys do lose, the silver lining could be that the interest in him wanes somewhat. That said, a tournament win would likely add some figures to his value.

Jadon Sancho Vs Cristiano Ronaldo  

You don’t often see these two compared, mainly because they aren’t in competition. For Spurs-fanatics, they are linked because how one performs could impact the other. For example, Manchester United are the favourites for Sancho’s John Handcock after being strongly rumoured to sign him in 2020, before their interest tailed off.  

It’s almost as if it’s Groundhog Day as the same has seemingly happened again, with the Red Devils now shifting their focus to Cristiano Ronaldo, if you believe the papers. With Ronaldo potentially moving from Turin to Manchester, the door is open for us to swoop in and convince the London-born winger to return to England at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  

The odds of Ronaldo and United reuniting will only shorten if 10/1 Portugal end up claiming the crown, since their main man will be heavily involved, just like when they won Euro 2016. So, if the Portuguese overperform, it may impact our transfer activity in a year where we must invest smartly.  

The Welsh Messi  

Our relationship with Gareth Bale will always be incredible because the Welshman arguably kicked off Tottenham’s recent uptick in form. Coming back for a loan spell hasn’t done anything to put a spanner in the works, especially when his form has been very good, to say the least.  

Still, it sounds as if Bale is either going back to Madrid or retiring after Euro 2020. We all know there’s a lot left in his locker, and that it will help us next season if he’s on the pitch. Plus, the possibility of losing Kane means experienced winners like Bale are as essential as ever.  

Okay, Wales are ranked as 125/1 outsiders for the outright win, so the idea they will romp to a fairytale final is unrealistic. Of course, if they can replicate 2016, that should be enough for Bale to show Daniel Levy he’s got plenty left to give in a Spurs shirt.  

England winning Euro 2020 would be something special, but if they don’t, it wouldn’t be the end of the world from a Tottenham perspective. That’s even truer if Portugal and Wales impress and their big performers showcase their skills. 

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