1990 Autographed A4 sheet

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Papering over the cracks
I have a friend #blatant (non-football fan) who managed to obtain several 1990 team autographs from the time when the team used to train at Mill Hill. They are wondering whether it has any value. Not having a clue about these things, or anyone who could help. I offered to put it forward to the esteemed membership of this forum in the hope of many ostrich, tl;dr and similar replies, must mostly in the hope that someone knows something or someone who can shed some light on it. Personally, I think it would help to identify all the signatures: Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne being the obvious starters. Anyone care to lend a helping hand?

Wouldn't think so..it doesn't help that it's on paper...would need to be on a match ball or jersey etc for it to be worth decent money...tell your friend to keep it as a momento, wouldn't b worth selling


Papering over the cracks
Yeah this sheet was probably A4 school paper (probably 80gsm at best). Still, would be nice to identify the signatures.

Danboy Totter

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If you send it onto me I will be able to have a proper look and assess it's value for you and I promise that I will send it back to as soon as I have decided on a figure and I definately will not sell it myself. You can trust me :adegrin2:
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