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Once a week we sit round a table, have a few beers and discuss the glorious Tottenham Hotspur.

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24th October 2020

Is Mourinho a modern coach after all…?

What if what we’re seeing now, with Kane and Son leading the line (and the rest of the Premier League for that matter) in a free-flowing attacking style of football, is the new Mourinho?

23rd October 2020

Free and easy

The only real danger came from Tottenham's own complacency and their bad habit of conceding freekicks in wide-areas, which they have struggled to defend so far this season.

21st October 2020

It’s always time to talk

Football has always served as a means of escape. So it’s been a struggle for many of us, not to be able to detach ourselves momentarily and exercise that ability to ‘let off some steam’ in amongst friends in one of the most vibrant social gatherings a person can enjoy.

20th October 2020

Still winning the league, innit

The learning curve is steep and unforgiving and I have faith that everyone accepts accountability and steps up to improve further.

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