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The Fighting Cock

Tottenham Hotspur Podcast & Website


For over 10 years, a few mates have gathered around a microphone with some beers and discussed the glorious Tottenham Hotspur.

S13E37 - The Second Coming of Lo Celso


S13E36 - The High Line


S13E35 - The lo Celso Solution


S13E34 - Squad Depth


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The Fighting Cock has been running for ten seasons. It begun as a rag tag podcast, recorded in pubs and front rooms. It was and remains eight mates, brought together by Spurs, and solidified by an unbreakable love of each other. 

We release two podcasts a week, and we’ve come to Patreon to find a way of offering more. Mostly we want to make working on The Fighting Cock a living. Imagine that. No boss, no lack of time, we get up in the morning and we’re able to make genuinely decent football content about our beloved club for a living. We need you to help us do that. 

If you’re able to spare the cost of a single pint a month, we’re on our way to fulfilling a dream. If not then enjoy all the stuff that makes you download the pod anyway. We love you, we love Spurs, let’s make this a threeway. Cheers!


    • 5 Statements – review show recorded directly after the game to get instant emotional reaction to whatever the result may be
    • The Preview – Look forward to all the week’s games and talking points
    • Tottenham Stories – Evergreen podcast talking to you, the fans, about how the club has impacted your life.

One price – all additional content. £7 per month

Never Mind The B*llocks

Quality reactionary written articles on Tottenham Hotspur. 


Internet forums. Serious business.


Lovely stuff.