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Once a week we sit round a table, have a few beers and discuss the glorious Tottenham Hotspur.

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3rd August 2020

The Pros and the Cons

The Pros and Cons for Gambling Shirt Sponsorships in the Premier League

31st July 2020

If you know you’re history

So, how great is Harry Kane, and how does he compare to his predecessors?

22nd July 2020

Tottenham’s Greatest Ever Striker

Some of us find it difficult to accept the heroes of our youth could have been superseded by the modern stars for example, whereas others, particularly the younger generation, refuse to believe there could have been someone better in the past.

20th July 2020

The circus comes to town

So, is José Mourinho a stop gap appointment? Of course, but in the context of the club and what it needs it is probably the only one that makes sense. Will it be ugly?

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