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Once a week we sit round a table, have a few beers and discuss the glorious Tottenham Hotspur.

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8th July 2020

It’s complicated

In a way, you have to hand it to the current group. Their ability to implode is second to none. If nothing else, they are incredibly proficient pyromaniacs.

2nd July 2020

Spurs need to find the right full back

It’s fair to say, Mourinho’s reputation would suggest he’d rather have a more reliable man in place and a new right back is likely to be high on the agenda come the transfer window.

30th June 2020

The First Dance

Cycles are shorter but, if you dare, you can punch your way into a fight and quite possibly land the knock-out punch that writes you into history

30th June 2020

Defence? Jose has your back

How many matches can you think of in the past 18 months where we have conceded the first goal, or we concede from an individual error?

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