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Not sure what it is, could be something to do with them forever going on about their history, could them being the most hard done by football club in the fucking world. Maybe it's because they have a rat faced/racist cunt playing for them. I hate their chavvy kit, their squad resemble something out of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest' ugly bunch of fucking inbreds the lot of them.

Anybody else share my hatred of these scouse bollock scratchers?

Please post amusing anti Liverpool pics/vids here, cheer me up people.


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I wouldn't say my loathing is world class. I do hate some Liverpool fans and their sense of entitlement to success. I also don't care much for the continued victim bullshit they play over Hillsborough, dpesite how long it's been.

But that's about it. If anything, I find them rather amusing to look at these days.


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Egg_Cup said:
Anybody else share my hatred of these scouse bollock scratchers?
Oh aye, my hatred for them is right up there with that lot along the road. Utter and absolute cunts that are still under the impression they follow a big club. Fuck Liverpool and fuck scousers.

Park Lane James

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Yeah they can fuck right off. This whole 'weeeevvveeeee wooonnn itttt fiiivvvveeee tiiiimmmesss' bollocks gets on my nerves - no-one cares? They pretty much wrecked our reputation abroad by looting every designer clothes shop going, followed by Heysel (not that our lot were angels, but Liverpool's are worse and pretend otherwise).

Cunty club followed by a bunch of wankers. How they can back Suarez I'll never know - how can football be above racism?

Ugly inbred scouse cunts
Can't say I hate them that much.

But I do hate the fucking London born fans who only fucking support them because they were good when we were kids.

Especially my mates Brother in Law who digs out Spurs fans all the time on Facebook. Fuck off you were born and live 15 mins from Tottenham, support your local club.

Makes my blood boil!


The Fighting Cock
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used to hate them, they are pretty much irrelevant though so don't really give a shit about them.

scousers on the other hand is a completely different story. they are a bunch of dirty rapist cunts who fiddle with kids.
sammyspurs said:
uproar caused from a player choosing us over them is hilarious.

It just so really is I think they can see the cracks showing and are imploding,

I cannot stop laughing at it.

But hey they got Joe Cole over us we sure dodged that one.

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