Tanguy Ndombele


No idea if that is true or not. However that we are going for Ndombele is a proper statement, very much like Liverpool with Van Dijk and Allison, it’s a clear indication of intent.

Watched him this season in the CL and some French League games. He doesn’t have the smooth skills of Mousa Dembele but like Dembele is incredibly powerful and well balanced and he boosts a very good passing range which Dembele lacked.

The Man City games where a good benchmark of what he brings, he dominated their midfield with his passing, press resistance, not to
mention a few tackles, they struggled against Lyon. However he is not a DM, he is a number 8, like what you get with Sissoko but but better skills and passing.

We need a few more players next season but this would be a big big start. You might lose games but you’d rarely lose the midfield with him around, City and Liverpool included.
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