Being Tottenham,being pessimistic!

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Now on the back of another fine performance and up to the giddy heights of second in the table everything in Tottenham hotspurs little world should be good or should I say IS good! A good young manager with a style of play which is pleasing to the eye,a young team which all seem happy to be doing what their doing, and finally a chairman who at long last has realised consistency is important in any place of work. Our rivals have issues Chavs couldn't live with us when we took the game to them,Liverpool inconsistent,goons flatter to deceive and with the chuckle brothers and their contract nonsense that's no gonna help. Man united ok with Mourinho in tow could grind out results and we should be wary! City well,they have plenty problems of there own. So why is it,that reading different threads I get the feeling we as supporters are just not convinced we can finish top of the pile? We're playing well,making chances,scoring goals! I've supported Tottenham long enough to relise that things just don't fall in our laps,we have to to work for them which is fine by its more satisfying. The manager believes in what he's doing,players are behind him but why are we not convinced? Noticed the word S....Y couple of times over the weekend, is not about time that was erased and for the next few months BELIEVE,enjoy, and savour our style of play,enjoy our current heroes and enjoy the fact we are not making up the numbers,we are contenders,series contenters and enjoy being a Tottenham supporter because life's good being one.


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I think with being a spurs fan over the years it's best not to expect to much as it fucking ruins your life when you do and it all falls apart, I'm just enjoying the ride, seeing us playing some of the best football at the lane, your right we have an amazing bunch of lads I'm in my early 30's and as a whole starting 11 I have never seen better, I do get the feeling this is just the start of good things to come though!
Fucking loving being a yid that's for sure, and going to enjoy it while it lasts!
I'm certainly enjoying our football at the minute. I honestly don't remember a team this complete in all my time following Spurs. And the media are doing their thing of talking us up to unbelievable heights, gushing over players that we've been appreciating for years, like they've only just started playing well.

BUT, no matter what my heart says, i don't think we will win the league this year and i don't think we'll win a trophy.

Our cup form is unexceptionable in general (it isn't helped by playing weakened sides) and despite playing as well as we have, i think it is too soon to say that we haven't got the mistakes / problems in us still that halted our run last season / beginning of this one. Yes the squad is a little deeper, but i cant say i would be happy with many of our second string playing for more than the odd game in a row.

It was only just over a month ago that many on here where getting their knickers in a twist because we could barely find the goal.

The issue is that in general people don't remember form or potential, they remember silverware.

In order to validate this team and for it to imprint itself on the history books, it needs to win something.

Obviously i hope that this post is quoted and thrown back in my face come May.
We have got the self destruct in us, errors, as was seen by the amount of points we lost due to them earlier. I will always be somewhat pessimistic being Spurs for so long.
However, we have improved from earlier this season.
Even though we have been transformed as a team and club and are no longer an easy ride or touch, pessimism still raises it's head.
It's going to take more than a couple of seasons to keep it down for good.

If we finish top 4 it will be a massive achievement. Let's not forget that.
I think winning things is important, but then I also think cementing the club as regular top 4, a force in the league is just as important for us, if not more, due to what's going on.
Quality Players are more likely to join a regular top 4 club with a chance of winning a title than a mid table club who won a cup. Even if the money is not astronomical.
You are also less likely to lose them.

Of course I would like us to win a domestic and or European cup and challenge for a title, but I don't think our squad has not got the depth of talent required yet. Maybe I am wrong, hope I am.
Pochettino has a knack of doing that.


I should have gone to Spurs, they all Loco too!
Last season I predicted on here we would finish third (albeit and win the FA Cup).
Now I think we will win the League with a couple of games in hand, providing Kane stays fit.
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