Carlos Vinicius

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Like Sissoko with Ndombele, it’s excellent that we have a guy like Lucas to help Vinicius get his feet under him in a new country. Lucas has always come off a super nice and decent lad as well, think he’ll be great sorting Vinicius out.



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Nice performance today.

Actually a really intelligent player. Works really hard too. Seems like the perfect second striker for us right now. Someone who loves being here, is grateful to be here and works hard when given the chance. So pleased to see him get 2 goals tonight.
I wonder for teams that sit back and we struggle to break down we might see Kane dropping deeper and bringing on Vinnie and having him as part of a front 3 with Bale and son? If he turns out to be mustard then what do you do as a defender when you have the above happen?


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Full video has more context, he's talking about his life story that brought him to this point:

Rooting for him even more now, he really seems to have gone through a lot of hardship in his life :( He talks about how he was about to quit at some point and gave himself a final six months to prove himself; at the end of the six months he had a contract with Napoli. And then his mum passed :( Really hope he makes it here, or at least somewhere he can make tons of money for his family.

Also lovely of Lucas to take him under his wing! "Tottenham came from heaven for me...there's not a day when I'm there, even on the bench, that I don't thank God for being here." :love:

Just watched the whole thing, both Carlos and Lucas are so humble and grateful for their career with us. It must be good for Carlos to have Lucas to help him settle. I think we sometimes forget that although players earn stupid amounts of money, they are still human beings, with all the worries and doubts we all have.

Nice to see him score his first goals for the club

- Five direct involvements in goals in three EL starts for Vinicius - and he was involved in LASK´s own goal too, so virtually six involvements.
- Was also an effective impact sub in the Premier League against West Brom - a defensive side looking to park the bus for a 0-0; indirect involvement in Kane´s winner.

Good start.
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To be fair to Vinny, every time he has played he has pretty much scored. Can't do much more than that really.

We all know the back up strikers at Spurs usually always struggle due to lack of playing time so it's never easy. Fair play to Vinny.

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Biggest thing for me is Ali Gold is saying he was Mourinhos first choice

So him along with Doherty & Hojbjerg being first choice in their positions for him, always getting on with Joe Hart, always wanted Bale & us putting effort in with Skriniar everything except maybe Reguilon who looks great are his first choice options

Talk about backing your manager
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