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Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Like Sissoko with Ndombele, it’s excellent that we have a guy like Lucas to help Vinicius get his feet under him in a new country. Lucas has always come off a super nice and decent lad as well, think he’ll be great sorting Vinicius out.

I wonder for teams that sit back and we struggle to break down we might see Kane dropping deeper and bringing on Vinnie and having him as part of a front 3 with Bale and son? If he turns out to be mustard then what do you do as a defender when you have the above happen?


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Biggest thing for me is Ali Gold is saying he was Mourinhos first choice

So him along with Doherty & Hojbjerg being first choice in their positions for him, always getting on with Joe Hart, always wanted Bale & us putting effort in with Skriniar everything except maybe Reguilon who looks great are his first choice options

Talk about backing your manager
Now go away or you'll have to go to hospital to get my foot removed from your ass.

Not to be a stickler, but just to confirm that if you do forcibly insert your foot into his anal passage, you will have to go to hospital too.

In many ways, yours will be the less dignified option. Whilst he can simply walk through the front doors, to the desk, you will have to hop along behind him, squealing for him to slow down as you desperately try to keep up.


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I'd put this guy on fraud watch

1:20:35 - poor awareness and close control

1:22:05 - LMFAO

1:22:35 - ROFL

1:22:45 - wtf? Could have prevented the goal with a tactical foul.

1:22:55 - brazilian Sissoko?

1:37:05 - LOL

1:41:17 - poor/lack of composure

1:42:57 - excellent Sissoko impression

That's a ridiculous post. What's wrong with you. Ok, I used to disagree with a lot of your posts but you never used to post such clownshoe rubbish.

You've gone hunting for a 'carlos vinicius worst bits' video to try and further your anti Levy agenda.

It's a disgusting attitude and I can't quite fathom your mindset, tbh.

You want to put him on 'fraud watch' for one youtube video despite actual experts and pundits praising this signing, and despite him being a leading scorer in the portugese league.

The only one who should be on 'fraud watch' is you for pretending to support spurs.

Dont ever post on this forum again.
100 %
Problem is though that A) He probably won't get a run of games, and B) It can take players 6 months to a year to settle in (Sonny, Tanguy).

Hope I'm wrong though and he can hit the ground running.
It’s very much up to Jose to adapt him.

One problem with Poch was that he was so loathe to play Jansen and Llorente even when we were winning big. Jansen may never have worked out, but Llorente was definitely up to standard, and playing him more would have kept Kane healthy and Llorente sharp.

We kept running into situations where Kane would get injured and Llorente would suddenly play, having had no football for months and looking rusty as hell in the first game or two.

Mourinho must change this and rest Kane as much as he can while giving chances to Vinicius. With Son and Bale on the wings, he doesn’t have to worry about goal scoring options, so he has less excuse than Poch.
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