Conte: winners and losers

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Massive Conte

The thing that makes me happiest is knowing that Conte will fucking obliterate players for being shit instead of stroking their hair and gently wanking them off in the dressing room after losing.

Either be good and work hard or fuck off.


Looking down at Woolich again
If there's anyone in the squad that won't be accused of being lazy, its Dele. Ain't done much else lately, but he runs his facking legs off.
I won't award you a disagree, but really - trotting around the pitch, flapping your arms like a demented penguin, is hardly going to impress Conte. Losing the ball, then making no effort to get it back. Jogging back into defence when the opposition is attacking, always just behind the play will definitely appear on stats as though you've run a lot - but where's the end product? Nowhere.


Looking down at Woolich again
One good thing is that Paratici & Co, having been in post for a few months, will have good, independent, inside knowledge of the squad, how they train and how they are behind the scenes, ready to pass on (in secret Italian) to Conte.

Things may be on the verge of changing at WHL.


#1 Supporter of Mason's Mates
In what way are enic apologists the losers. We were told we were selfish for merely using our season tickets. Do you still want enic out or not?

Of course I still want ENIC out why wouldn’t I?

Nothing has changed, yet. Just hiring Conte is step 1 of likely 5-10 steps they need to take to show they have actually changed.
Losers - hopefully the board whingers and moaners as we finally head into a period of winning things ....

mind you we could do the quadruple and some will still moan .... :ossie:
Rubbish. Most sane people moaning are not aghast at not winning trophies, but simply beaten down due to our meek and unstructured efforts (or lack of) to compete
Winners: Me and your mam

Losers: ................Also me

I'm just glad I get to look forward to watching Spurs again. And coming on here more... Not been so keen on popping in to all the whinging. So I guess you're all winners too!
Winners: Our defence. Conte will likely play with 5 defenders, so that’s an extra spot for one of the defenders on the fringes to take.

Dele, it won’t last but it’s likely he get under chance with a new manager coming in.

Kane. We’ve just got a top 5 manager in the world, maybe that’s the boost he needed to get things going in the league?

Son. In my opinion, Kane on form=a better Son. I also believe Conte preferred position will allow him to be close to goal, where he’s much more effective.

Losers: Winks, not sure he’ll get a look in the squad.

Bergjwin and Lucas. Unless our most advanced midfield underperforms (very likely to happen), I think they’ll be bench options for a good bit.
Think he can overtake Regiulon? I think he will thrive under Conte.
In fairness I know people love Reggie but he’s done nothing in a Spurs shit to be a nailed on starter yet.

Hopefully it comes, but I’d give his modest Spurs career a C- so far.


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In fairness I know people love Reggie but he’s done nothing in a Spurs shit to be a nailed on starter yet.

Hopefully it comes, but I’d give his modest Spurs career a C- so far.
He started well as an attacking WB though but can’t defend
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