cunts who are goons

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This cunt. Almost certainly.
Porridge was filmed in and around Chelmsford prison almost exclusively.

Before he was professional, Ian Wright also did a couple of weeks there.

Source: I live in Chelmsford.
That professor Robert green chap, good at getting women pregnant and labour lord. Got a face for radio and is highly intelligent. Representative of the bourgeois genteel that infest the emirates before heading off to the opera.

Not likely to ever see him wanting a cunt off with the yid army outside the emirates.
Met Dermot o Leary, more like o dreary, boring man and has short man syndrome, didn't even know he was a Gooner, clearly one of the celebrity set

They get twats like him and Morgan, we get cool kids like Jude law and miki berenyi
Thinking about this, that ugly mouthy actress who was in EastEnders? When they did the double, she was pissed out of her head , being abusive to everyone, and sure she was pregnant, classy
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