Defoe. Time to change.

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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
This article was originally published over at At the beginning of the season I wrote an article on how the modern game of football has passed Jermain Defoe by. My argument was that a player of his style and stature just isn’t cut out to lead the forward line as a lone striker. To a certain extent I was right, but he hasn’t been nearly as ineffective as I thought he might be. Andreas Villas-Boas is obviously better placed [...]

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Defoe "ineffective"?

I would respectfully beg to differ...

Theres a lot more to it that just goals and assists.

I think its fair to say Defoe has exceeded all expectation in the lone striker role, but that also there is more to the role (ideally) than he can or does provide


I'll post the Defoe player ratings graphs throughout the season tomorrow. When he doesn't score he's always below the game average and even when he does score (as with QPR at home) he's still sometimes below the game average. Even vs Man Utd (A), which was one of the highest rated games of the season and he got a rating over 7 he was still below the game average.

Seems to me people come out supporting Defoe only when he scores yet I never see much support for him when he plays in a game where he doesn't, win or lose. He's a good player to have around but when he doesn't contribute by scoring he doesn't offer much else.


The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
his overall game is improving in bits, he tries to get involved with play although it's not his strong suit, problem is he doesn't get involved for 90 minutes, was dropping deep to good effect against Liverpool then seemed to lose interest.


Up The Spurs
Defoe is an out and out striker, and I'm bloody pleased he is too. He's deserved additional assists for some of his goals this season where he's taken the ball from nowhere, run it in and smashed it in the net. He's a striker, playing the lone role with five midfielders behind him. Frankly, in that system - and with the wing backs - his job is to simply be the goal scorer. His pace and movement are exceptional, and we're damn lucky to have him in our side and in this kind of form.
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