Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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i will not support him, i have a huge dislike of this cunt, what he did to jordan was unforgivable. plays shit football and is a horrible cunt. im all for giving managers time but i wont give a breath to this barbaric cunt
Why would we need smoke and mirrors to appoint a manager at the Euros?

If we really wanted to appoint, let's say Roberto Mancini or Martinez, why would leaking a story about Gattuso make any difference at all?
So that the media are distracted. If Spurs sat tight, did nothing, no negotiations with anyone else, it would be obvious they are waiting for someone at the Euros and then the journalists would get to work and find out who. What Levy is doing is steering all the attention away from his real target.
Romano & DiMarzio are not journalists. I note Romano's name is on the Grauniad piece but he is almost certainly recycling the manipulations of Jorge Mendes.

I note Romano asserted via twatter:
Paulo Fonseca to Tottenham is 100% OFF. Deal collapsed because of taxes issues despite contract already completed and set to be signed - Fonseca had tax advantages from an Italian law which is not applicable in the UK

But Mendes, through GestiFute, is the agent of both Fonseca & Gattuso (& Mourinho). And Gattuso is apparently willing to accept an even lower salary from Spurs than the one Fonseca has allegedly turned down.

So Romano would have us believe that one Mendes client (Fonseca) does not understand the difference between UK & Italian tax regulations, but another Mendes client (Gattuso) does understand and doesn't give a flying fuck?

Or so loves the famous Spurs after headbutting Joe Jordan that he'll work for a salary that Fonseca turned down?


Spurs open talks with Gennaro Gattuso after Paulo Fonseca move breaks down
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