Gennaro Gattuso

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Would you be happy with Gattuso as manager

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Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
Imagine, in a window where DoFs like Rangick and Campos are available, who appear to fit our supposed ideals like a glove, just imagine instead going for the dodgy cunt used to running Juve's transfer business. A cunt known largely for signing freeby, old cunts on massive wages, but it's ok because he's being brought in as part of the Conte package, the most successful, high profile manager on the free market. Oh no he wants reasonable backing, never mind, let's bring the dodgy cunt in anyway.

Imagine then moving on to a complete nobody, enraging the fan base and then managing to fumble that deal, and then moving on to an even worse option!

I've never been Enic out, often frustrated by them, but always conscious of the good they had done since taking over. Now though, they can fuck off, and that slimy little weasel ought to have learned by now that he should avoid being filmed at all costs, fucking little chode.

We're in a no win position now, backtrack again and we're an even bigger laughing stock, and who else would be up for the role now anyway? Or go ahead with it, see us go to shit even further on the pitch, alienate the entire fanbase, and see us fully complete our turn into the new West Ham.

I can't turn off my support of Spurs, but I'm fucked if I'm wasting any more time getting angry or upset by the club, I'm gonna sit back and appreciate the debacle for the comedy gold that it is, and enjoy seeing Enic 's investment depreciate with every passing calamity.
Just go and get Graham Potter at this point. He ticks all the boxes from Levy’s end of season “message” and he is a good man.

Gattuso will not last the season. It is the completely wrong match for our club. We have to try and retain some dignity no matter how poor we are.
Seriously why come to Spurs if you are him , it’s a poison chalice.

He knows what the fans would expect, he knows Levy will scapegoat him when he fails. The job is not attractive now to any half decent manager who actually has a job.
Potter has a good rep , he won’t have once we have chewed him up and spat him out. We re in a truly terrible place now
The life of Gattuso’s 1 week tenure at the Club -

Gattuso arrives at Spurs all smiles

Dog Smile GIF

Gattuso and his team takes his 1st training session with the squad

Jump Dogs GIF

Gattuso 1st game In charge v City
Italy Coach GIF by ElevenSportsBE

Winks makes crab sideways passes all game, Gattuso expressing himself

Angry Ron Swanson GIF

Sissoko blazes one over the bar

Season 5 No GIF by The Office

Gattuso looks at the sub bench for inspiration

Angry Wrestling GIF

Full time whistle hits and Gattuso has his 1st post match interview

Angry Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

Gattuso walks into Levy’s office

angry soul food GIF by Bounce


Nervous Mindy Kaling GIF by The Paley Center for Media


angry cat GIF

Punch You Oh No GIF by GritTV

Gattuso walks out

Barry Jenkins Walking GIF by A24

Gattuso tenure over after 1 week
You forgot to mention the bit when he looks to the stands for inspiration and asks if the Proud Lilywhites are the Spurs Ultras...
Gattuso is a good coach.

The Mendes link is exciting, would love to see Bernardo and Andre Silva at the club. Neto would also be a top signing.

Who knows, maybe Ronaldo needs a club in the Summer?


Tier 1
I appreciate the sentiment with the hashtag idea, but it’s clear that the ENIC doesn’t give a shit what the fans think. Only chance of this not happening is if all the sexist and racist stuff that he has been attributed with is true. But even then, I think its a slim chance he isn't appointed.
Open, attacking manager, thaz statement from Levy said.

Gattuso? Fuck off you bald cunt !!!

This is the first time in decade where I really have no hope for good season.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
I appreciate the sentiment with the hashtag idea, but it’s clear that the ENIC doesn’t give a shit what the fans think.
Let's not forget that people threw a trantrum over Aurier's homophobic comments and he was still signed.

Gattuso would not be the first or last person signed to Spurs with some iffy ethics.

Lucas probably isn't the biggest fan of gay marriage considering his ultra religious leanings.
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