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Save Gazza
As is he. What's your point?

There is no way to add a picture in a post without having to put in the poxy URL.
If there were a way, the forum would need poopabytes of expensive storage space, which it doesn't have, and it would open itself up to tons of work in handling copyright and ownership issues from many upstanding people and porn stars. So, dibs on being well up for that role when it opens.
Fair do's! I just won't post pictures then :walkercry:


Save Gazza
Are you literally that technically retarded or just to lazy to host the picture on a site to get a URL?

I am the latter, therefore I do not post pictures. Words are my weapon.

I've only gone and learnt how to do it myself get in!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to add a spoiler box to hide content of one of my posts please?
I wanted to add to the tv thread without ruining anything for someone. Thanks.
Admin Admin I'd like out too. I don't need some weirdo talking about fucking my "slag" of a dead mother, and making constant references to fucking animals and constantly badgering me. Don't need it, I've got chronic health problems made worse by stress and life's too short.
Hi guys. Everton fan in peace here. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but my bro is a Spurs fan, and his birthday is coming up. He'd like to go to a home game, but it would seem that none of your games will go to General Sale. On the EFC forum I use their is a ticket exchange thread, and I was wondering if you guys have anything similar, or know a reputable site that does?

Thanks in advance,
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