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How do I use boolean phrases in the search tool? And is it possible to search for a string of words that will only return posts with that exact phrase.

For example if I want to search for all posts that contain all the words ....oh I don't know, let's say for example, "Angelina", "Jolie" and "Nude", but in no specific order is that possible? Also is it possible to search for "Angelina Jolie Nude" as an exact phrase?

Thanks In Advance


The search isn't great but you can use some operators to make it slightly more accurate. Similar to ones you can use on Google.

If you wrap your search term in " " then it should return exact matches for that search phrase.

You can remove words by sticking - in front of them eg. Angelina Jolie -Nude will return posts mentioning Angelina Jolie but not your one mentioning Nude.
OK, I was hoping to dupe the filter on short search words into thinking I wasn't using short or common words. But I see it's too clever or maybe too lazy for that to work.

Thanks for the reply though.

As you were.
How do I give a reaction to somebody's post?(I.e. laugh, agree, etc) Just registered not too long ago, do you have to be a member for a certain amount of time and/or make a certain amount of posts before that feature is enabled? Cheers

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