If you were at the matches at the moment how would.......

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Singing "Park The Bus, Park The Bus, Tottenham Hotspur, Playing Football The Mourinho Way"
Congregating after game, singing "We want Jose out"
Singing "We want our Tottenham back"
Singing "Fuck Off Mourinho" etc.
And Singing Dele Alli/insert name of other ostracised players names song
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I think people would be pissed off if we were watching from the stands, but I think they'd be less pissed off.

Something about watching on TV, particularly in lockdown, magnifies frustration and makes you feel entirely helpless.
I have a habit of shouting instructions to the players as if I was the manager.

I imagine they are missing my instructions, hence why they look lost on the pitch.

Then I like taking the piss and saying Shoooot when Sissoko gets the ball. The psychopath that I am. 😂

Team Tanguy

Each Baz like = I give him a call <3
The question I would like answering first is, is it still a pie and a pint for a fiver as this will sway my answer to this thread! :angryscouser:
Loss of revenue due to covid means it costs £5 just to look at a pint or pie. For £5 more Daniel will waft the scent of one into your face as you watch him eat it. His eyes never leaving yours in case you try to snatch a bite.
I would literally just sing "We've got Alli" for 90 minutes until Jose takes the fucking hint.

Of course i'd need 60K other people to join in with me to make ourselves heard otherwise it'd just be a bit silly.

Joan Thomas

Gascoigne's Crack


Lenny Hatchet

Out on good behaviour
As a steadfast supporter of club and Enic , l can't see one without the other. Both are the same.
Ignore all that romantic bull about the game is about winning in style . That ain't got us anywhere , forgot the double that was a fluke.
All those contrived Chas and Dave songs need putting on a back burner.

A new way , a celebration of defensive football ,
praise for work rate over technical ability. The art of 2 banks of 4 or even 5 . Long ball as a theory of intent.
This is today's Spurs that our kindly enlightened overloads have bestowed on us . If you don't like it then you melts can fuck off .


I've never boo'd, I don't agree with it. But I can't promise myself that I wouldn't get carried away with it if the crowd turned. After all I caught myself beginning to mumble the Danny Rose song toward the end of his time!

I would be a head shaker and fuck saker/hand thrower up in the airer a la Dele.


I would open the Spurs app and scroll to the Season Ticket/Match Ticket screen before launching it towards the dugout in disgust.
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