Let’s Face It - We’re Barely a Top 10 Team Now

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Where do you rate our First 11?

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ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Our first 11 today was arguably the strongest we can muster with possibly Moura/Gil for Dele. Our bench however was an absolute embarrassment while the performance came well short

Take Kane and Son out and we’re barely a Top 10 team. In fact I would argue Leicester ane Everton have more BALANCED squads at the moment and most certainly far better managers

The Top 5 aside - where do you rate our current best 11? I’m going with 8th behind Leicester and Everton and above Woolwich and Wham

Years of underinvestment and the appointment of a PE Teacher as manager has now come full circle


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Aren’t there a sufficient number of threads to whinge in without creating a new one?
If any manager prefers dele i would vote for 9th

A normal manager would finish it on 6th place with this squad

And there are managers like poch who would finish top 4
Thank you levy
We will finish 7th or 8th, but yeah .. bottom half if Kane continues to play as if he doesn't care and just lumbers about waiting to be sold for 75m in the summer because Levy The Genius gave the fans another absolute masterclass.

There's a few rising clubs in the league now who have owners with real ambition, proper scouting, and who go for progressive managers. They will 100% be above us within a few seasons.

Had we sold Kane we would probably still have lumbered about trying to shave 5m off transfer fees and baulking at any wage over 80k p/w, settling for players in the 15-30m range who (shock horror) end up not being very good, because the scouting at the club is an utterly pitiful disgrace so we have no ability to pick up bargains consistently.

We have a mid-table manager who lacks any charisma or ingenuity, a mid table squad, and bottom half ambition. It's not a very good recipe for success.
Why is it “trolling” to have a different opinion to you? Some fans are too reactionary, we’ve invested in some very talented players and will it will take time to gel.
We have once more invested in bang average muck or 'potential' (when we require players who make a difference now) and nobody we have brought in other than Romero will make one bit of difference to our season.

We are worse now than we were last year. Bale contributed 11 goals in the league, Gil won't get a single one, and Bergwijn and Moura between them will get 5-6 and that's me being optimistic. All we've done is brought in a singular promising centre back in a direct trade off with toby, signed a back up keeper, and signed a right back who on current evidence is no better than Aurier and worse than Tanganga. Oh and a lightweight Spanish kid who is nailed on to be out on loan for the next couple of seasons.

And to top it all off, we replaced a defensive, boring manager with a man who enjoys similar soulless football but has none of the reputation which might help with signing players, or any of the charisma. We won't be anywhere close to top 4. Anyone who believes we will is delusional beyond belief.
So much negativity. Think if we can bed in a similar starting XI to what we saw today (which had players not to familiar with the team such as Romero and Royal.. and also players not fully fit.. such as Dier and Son.. ) then I think we should be comfortably in the top 8.
Whoop de fucking doo
yeah.. so not exactly "barely a top 10 team".

What did people really expect after today's game anyway. I think we have a run of games now, where we should be able to bag most of the points, and get the team bedded in. We are going through a transition phase with this team.. so no one should be expecting a CL top 4 spot with the squad that we have at present.
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