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So i e-mailed this to the club today. Please let me know what you think and I'll leave their response on here if I do indeed get one.

To Whom it May Concern

Many years ago now I recall watching a Tottenham video made around 1990 ish. It was with Terry Venables and he was picking his all-time best Tottenham XI. What made it a special video was that he discussed players that I (as a very young Spurs fan) had never heard of, Cyril Knowles, Mike England, Alan Gilzean etc. It was a wonderful video but I am sure it is now very out of date.

As this will be the final season at White Hart Lane I feel this is the perfect opportunity to re-create this video (DVD now) on Tottenham’s greatest ever players. It would allow new young supporters to learn about the great Tottenham players from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’S as well as more contemporary heroes such as Gareth Bale and Ledley King and where they would fit in the best ever Spurs team, if at all.

Additionally, I believe the film should be led by Terry Venables again. Who is better qualified to do so? He would have seen the Tottenham players of the 50’s, including Arthur Rowe’s 1951 Push and Run Tottenham. He played both for and against Tottenham in the 1960’s (the golden era of our club) and managed us as well. Add to that his charismatic persona and you have a great DVD on your hands for the club shop that will sell for years to come.

There are not many people alive today who will have the history and connection with Tottenham that Venables has, and the opportunity will not be here forever so I urge the club to put this potentially invaluable film into production as soon as possible. It will serve as a glorious and priceless piece of recorded history of our club and there is never a better time to do it then now.

Yours hopefully

I would actually enjoy hearing from all our managers.

Not suggesting it would be possible for the club to sanction, but I'd be interested to hear Gross, Hoddle, Jol, Francis all talking about their time at the club, their favourite players, some anecdotal stuff - perhaps even El Tel talking about Gazza.


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