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Probably a bit late now, but a key discussion point, Sunday was the perfect storm, everything went wrong but even before the game the Y word issue gave a real air of uncertainty and will really start to hamper us as a fan base. I have always sang it, but seriously we need to get some decent songs like other teams that everyone is happy with - not giving up on Y just getting a wider range of songs

Other sides have much better anthems than us lets be honest, more inventive and better tunes, I think we are waiting for the new Bale to emerge and there is a sense of uncertainty there but Hugo, Vertonghen, Paulinho should get regular shout outs

I am flying back for the Villa game, looking forward to being part of a very good set of traveling fans, the polar opposite of our moaning home fans Jimmyriggle eludes to above

Remember the end of last season Daws thought we had got CL football because heard the crowd - THEY CAN HEAR US, they will respond, instead of us sat like statues waiting to be entertained, become part of it, Dortmund fans definitely have become part of their success

Just saying we need better songs, and real support COYS - great podcast guys, I listen to it the second it comes out
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