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Papering over the cracks
You're on a date. She* is gorgeous, glamorous, sexy, fashionable, funny, charming, alluring, romantic; perfect in every way you can imagine. It's going well, you talk about many things, somehow avoiding the topic of football. Later, the two of you end up at your place. You offer her a drink, she accepts and you head off. As you return with the drinks you find her naked on your sofa, her words signalling her readiness to be unconditionally ravished. You approach her hungrily, and that's when you notice her permanent tattoo for the first time, it's a gooner badge ... The next day you're out for a walk when you notice smoke and flame rising up behind some buildings. You decide to investigate, and as you reach the incident you realise that it's the Emirates Stadium, completely ablaze. The scene is apocalyptic; the smell of black smoke, the sounds of screaming; men, women and children exiting the stadium in a panic to escape. Smoking bodies, seemingly overcome, lie on the ground unassisted. You find yourself torn in deciding what to do. So, the question is: what drink did you make for your date?

* Replace with gender of choice.
Has sherwood really improved the team or are we just finally seeing the result of the new/returning players 'gelling?'

LIKE: I said at the beginning of the season I didn't expect much until after Christmas and suddenly we win 5 away games in a row. Who knows.
Where do you see Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in 50 years?

Also if you're doing that spin the bottle to defend the indefensible thing you did for a bit:

Explain why The Fighting Cock podcast is the worst of all the Spurs podcasts.
Dear Cocks, can you please settle this:

My mate Tino would rather Ar*enal finish 1st and us finish 4th, than them being 2nd and us ending up 5th.

I would take Ar*enal finishing 2nd and us finishing 5th all day long...

Your thoughts?
My question is:
What would it take for the Cocks – and a meaningful number of Spurs fans – to start actively calling for Levy to go?

I was surprised to hear on the Podcast a few weeks ago the genuine surprise at fans' calling for Levy to leave, and an active support for Levy from the Cocks. I respect your opinions, as I do of any fan, but to me it is becoming increasingly clear that anything we achieve is done in spite of Levy's management rather than because of it. Which of the following (painfully-realistic) hypotheticals would be the final straw?

- When he sacks Louis Van Gaal (or whoever replaces Sherwood next season) after 16 games?

- When ENIC announce that the new stadium is to be put off for 5 years / indefinitely / to be relocated after all?

- When we sell our best player this summer (Vertonghen or Lloris, perhaps)?

- When a statement is released threatening 'attending clients' with ejection if heard using the Y-Word on premises?

- When the toilets at WHL are charged at 20p, like in Victoria Train Station?

- When it is announced that the Spurs vs Woolwich Premier League fixture will be held in the New York Red Bull's Arena?

I'm not accusing anyone of 'happy-clapping', nor am I trying to be all doom-and-gloom, but as self-respecting fans of a proud London Club, we must be able to debate, and challenge, the men who run the 132-year-old institution to which we align ourselves.

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