Robert Enke

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The future’s bright; the future’s Lilywhite.
Depression is a horrible illness and it can effect anybody.
I lost a friend to suicide a few years ago, despite his life looking great on the outside he was suffering from depression but hadn't really told anyone as he felt that he was expected to be a man and not talk about his feelings.
I hate that so many people still think that way and I encourage anybody who feels down to talk about it. It doesn't matter whether you to talk a friend, family member, medical professional or send a message to someone you get on with on a forum like this. You do not need to 'man up', depression is an illness and it's not your fault. There are many ways you can get help to get through it though and talking is a good start.
I am from Germany and i have to say the sad thing is that his death did not change a thing in sports or Society . I recently watched an Interview with a doctor from the dfb talking about his last conversation with Enke . He told the doctor that he was feeling fine and that 'life is wonderful right now'. The doc said he knew something was wrong but that there was nothing he could have done about it and he did not want to put him under more pressure in asking more questions. Enke was afraid of the consequences it would have on his job. If you remember the tragedy of the Lufthansa flight which crashed into a mountain a few years ago, the pilot was depressed and was talking to docs but was also afraid of losing his job if his company would have found out about it . What i want to say is the fear of the consequences for their job is what so many people hinder them of opening up. And that did not change after the tragedies in the past. Enkes wife is trying to raise awareness for this problem and she was on tv recently, but just because it was exactly 10 years ago. Sadly it's always the same a tragedy happens people talk about it a few days and then it's back to normal...
The problem with depression and "Mental Health" is that it's been hijacked by the lazy and feckless and the genuine sufferers are getting lost in the swarms of arseholes whose solution to ever issue is "Oh I'm depressed" or "That affects my mental health".
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