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Someone needs to seriously call out this bullshit.

For context: Liverpool have had to basically play the same XI in most games this month due to earlier injuries in an insanely busy schedule. With the exception of Trent, who apparently can manage 2 games in 4 days after 5 weeks out.

And yet in the last 10 minutes they're running around like Duracell bunnies. They made ZERO SUBS all game. Robertson who has played 1000 minutes in the past month looked fresher than our subs.
The number of sprints per game some of their players make is just absurd and unheard of.
Noticed this for several seasons. They basically don't have ONE single player who isn't running his lungs out. Very suspect.

Same goes for Bayern btw. The transformation of Goretzka is just a neon sign telling you about the drugs.

Even in Poch's prime Spurs pressing side, we didn't have 11 players who could all run for 90 mins.
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