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Shelf Side Tottenham
New stickers for sale -


eBay link - http://bit.ly/15mSGiC
I like both but the ones on the right are quality.

Im a bit thick, so just to confirm - its 25 of each for £4 and 99P for postage?

I'll place an order by tonight, or when I come back from Magaluf.
I'll place an order by tonight, or when I come back from Magaluf.

Just to follow this up, should I order tonight? I dont want to come back and find they have all sold out!

BushHillSpurs BushHillSpurs Yes mate, if you want a larger quantity (200 odd) I can do at cheaper rates.

I'll only get 50 for now. Once the season starts it might be an idea to get more, but for the moment I wont be travelling too much to use them!
The ones on the left look more like Nawty Callin' cards...

Swap you a 1980 Keith Burkinshaw rare, a Shrewsbury Town Birch'n'Biggins, and a Derby County Shiny!!!!!!!
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