The 1901 Cup Final

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A pic of the Sheff Utd team. Foulke sort of stands out!

What I am wondering is why Mr Spock is there standing on the right?


Sheffield United played an away match and someone forgot to pack Foulke's shirt. A desperate attempt to find a replacement shirt large enough for him at a local sports shop proved fruitless, so he played the match wrapped in a bed-sheet.

Despite the muddy conditions, Foulke didn't concede and was spotless after the match.

Hence the term "keeping a clean sheet" for goalkeepers was born.
Its a geek off.

"I have never been to a game but I have a fully intact; still in its plastic; programme of the 1932 league cup 3rd round clash with Aldershot Town, or Aldershot FC as they were known back then" *Nasal voice*

I think you will find that that programme may well be priceless, does it say in the pre match notes that the game will have to be postponed due to the fact that the competion will not actually be starting until 1960.
That's brilliant stuff BB.

I love the quote 'Foulkes is marvellously agile for his twenty stone'.

That's huge now, but in those days when people were generally shorter and lighter that's massive.

Foulke (not Foulkes) played for Chelsea in their first Football League season and the club employed two lads to stand behind the goal and tease him.

They also used to retrieve the ball when it went out of play, so the tradition of having ball-boys at football matches was born.

Foulke had a tragic end to his life when beset by poverty, he was reduced to earning a pittance in a "beat the goalie" sideshow attraction in Blackpool where he caught pneumonia, from which he died.
I thought you said you had good banter with your Dad !

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What time is it anyway? What day is it even? Must be during the week, it's empty in here.



The Fighting Cock
I didn't like him at first but he made me realise that's simply because I'm not Spursy enough. Once you accept your own Spursyness levels will never be on a par with Carlito you can start to enjoy his posts a lot more.

Now I strive everyday to be a little more like Carlito. He really has shown me the way, I owe him a lot.
I am currently writing, along with a couple of friends of mine a book about Tottenham`s momentous victory over Sheffield Utd in the 1901 F A Cup Final.
I have amassed quite a lot of memorabilia over the years relating to the final, including privately taken and unpublished photos of crowd scenes taken at the Crystal Palace, these, plus the other stuff I have, made up my mind that a book could be written .I want the book to be as detailed as possible, we are also covering the cup run of both Spurs and United and the celebratory banquet held in the October following.
Does anybody have any memorabilia that could be used by us and be included in the book, I am particularly looking for an In Memoriam card or funeral card it was also called which were sold in great numbers at the time, i know items from this final are very scarce, but don`t want anything left out if it still exists.
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