What the hell is going on behind the scenes in regards to contracts and our players?

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I like your posts, not the style that for me is way to negative but at least you will argue a position. This type of post however is where you just lose all credibility .... it would have taken you five minutes of research to show that your statement is not only wrong but plain dumb ... why?

Firstly we don't have a disproportionately high number of injuries, the teams that play the most games lose the most days through injury, that's just basic math. So you'd expect us to be near the top, when you look at last season we're fourth for days lost, pretty much exactly where statistics say we should be, not a hint of "Must be reasons beyond bad luck" just you not doing your homework before making a negative post:

Days lost to injury 2018/19

Man United – 1,392
Woolwich – 1,316
West Ham – 1,237
Tottenham – 1,140
Man City – 1,134
Bournemouth – 1,108
Cardiff – 1,075
Newcastle – 1,051
Huddersfield – 1,039

What stands out is just how fortunate Liverpool were with injuries, only 801 days lost to injury . it's almost certain that this "good luck" won't hold true for them again this season .....

If you are a "plant" to generate clicks, well congrats it's working .................
Is the West Ham total of 1237 Andy Carroll alone?
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