Who's in/out for 2022-23?

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Let's look at the current squad and for each player, discuss who we think we should keep vs get rid off for next season...with a few nuances here and there.

In my opinion...

* Players we should 100% keep and who should automatically start:
- Hugo
- Skippy
- Sonny
- Kane

* Keep and could start if no injury/discipline issue and not signed a better alternative...otherwise key bench players:
- Romero
- Dier
- Reggy
- Hoj
- Lucas
- Bergwijn

* Keep but don't start...secondary bench players:
- Big Ben
- Winksy
- White
- Bryan G

* Jury very much still out, so could stay just as easily as could be sold/loaned out...if stay, rotation players until they prove they deserve better:
- Austin
- Whiteman
- Sess
- Tangs
- Rodon
- Troy

* Get rid 100%...if not yet gone by the time next season comes round:
- Gollini
- Sanch
- Emerson
- Matty D
- Lo Celso
- N'Dumbele
- Dele

Lemme know what you think
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