Mark Butcher

11th November 2014

Fred Levy and Daniel West

The soul of our club is gone and Mark Butcher believes the blame lies firmly with the board.

1st February 2014

The crimes and delusion of ENIC FC

Tired of seeing rules bent to suit them and our irritating transfer policy, Mark Butcher gives his thoughts on our owners.

29th April 2013

Is Scott Parker Spurs’ worst ever player?

‘Scott Parker is the worst player ever to wear a Spurs shirt’ – is probably your opinion if you spent the weekend freebasing crack cocaine and touching yourself looking at Jodie Marsh pictures. With 4,800 other Spurs masochists, I travelled to Wigan on Saturday with reasonable expectations of a nervy away win only to watch our beloved team scrape a late 2-2 draw. Creditable player performances were as rare as working taps in the Paxton toilets after a game at White Hart Lane (I am convinced Danny Levy turns the water off at 4.55pm). Despite our shared frustrations, I did... Read more »

22nd April 2013

Seven minutes of mind-blowing pleasure

Even Mila Kunis would struggle to provide seven minutes of such mind-blowing pleasure. Spurs’ late, three-goal salvo against Champions Manchester City touched the realms of fantasy and provided the best happy ending available on a Sunday afternoon in North London. This was one of those rare, great days for Spurs fans to savour. A past experience of pain only serves to heighten the joy and purity of the moment. If you truly love a team, as most of us do, it often feels like a harsh and unrequited love. Those listless 0-1 home defeats to mid-table non-entities and dogged relegation... Read more »

12th April 2013

Hate the shirt

The mad cocktail of Spurs offers a necessary diversion from the freefall of our lives. But if you boo or abuse a player in a Tottenham jersey, you are hating the shirt. Loving the shirt, for me at least, means supporting the person in it through ninety plus minutes of pleasure, pain and misfortune. A fan is for air-conditioning, support is more than the silky boost of a Victoria’s Secret bra on supple, young skin, it is something that lifts you higher and forms a brick wall in the face of adversity. No-one shines in the face of dog’s abuse... Read more »

5th November 2012

Against Modern Tottenham

This article originally appeared on the excellent An Evening with Lustdoctor. Click through and read more. It’s the balls. A trip to White Hart Lane is fast becoming a toxic experience. You’ll find more atmosphere in a Virgin Train’s quiet zone or during nap time at the local nursery. The only time fans raise from their slumber is the now traditional half-time boo or end of match catcall. A sense of entitlement is palpable in the air. There are plenty of reasons to be against this interpretation of ‘Modern Tottenham’. Tensions are threatening to boil over amongst supporters with differing... Read more »

22nd October 2012

Kyle Walker and the Zen Geezer Movement

This article originally appeared on the excellent An Evening with Lustdoctor. Click through and read more. It’s the balls. My old boxing pal Dominic Negus once told me, ‘If you spent your time knocking out the wankers in life you’d never do anything else’. This inspiring moment of ‘Zen Geezerism’ immediately entered my head in the fallout of Spurs’ 2-4 reverse against a clinical Chelsea. After likeable full-back Kyle Walker’s fallow form continued against a sharp Blues’ outfit, packed with a trio of talented and highly-paid midfielders, a few faceless keyboard warriors were almost inevitably directing abuse at the rookie... Read more »