23rd May 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Landing on Our Collective Feet

Amid the various ifs, buts, maybes and “get your chequebook out Levy” tweets, thoughts and conversations occurring via social media, in pubs, houses and going home from games, one man propped up a bar and reflected upon the season past – but importantly not to comment too much on what has gone before. There are obvious statistics that will set the final standings apart from all others to-date. Spurs’ highest-ever Premier League points tally and the most points posted by a fifth-placing team. In addition there are cold comforts we Spurs fans can take, such a the inability of a... Read more »

9th October 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

You’re Better Than That

When I was a mere lad, football was a simpler place. The beautiful game still had within recent memory the emergence of Total Football in Holland, hot on the heels of the three-times World Cup winning Brazilians and of course England’s greatest triumph. Among these early – now somewhat hazy – flickering images are those of a couple of Argentinian chaps in wide-collared white, fresh from World Cup success of their own. At the time, I recall Villa was an utter giant, seemingly un-dispossessable [if there is such a thing] however Ardiles had a rugged side that belied his somewhat... Read more »

4th September 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

That Was the Transfer Window That Was

By the numbers then, Spurs signed five players of arguably proven quality and saw the return of one loanee on a permanent basis. We also saw the going of the three Croatians, Giovani dos Santos, Rafael van der Vaart, [the irreplaceable] Ledley King and six other senior players besides. Notwithstanding the nature of ‘undisclosed fees’, a conservative estimate at spending is in the region of £47 million, while fees received could top that by a further ten million pounds. Much of the post-window analysis is likely to centre upon the storm that has been whipped up on various social media... Read more »

29th July 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

So rise Black Knight

With all else that is happening in and around White Hart Lane and the organisation that is Tottenham Hotspur, the forthcoming Olympics and some Brit riding his bicycle around France, it feels that the draw for the UEFA Europa League third round went largely un-heralded. And rightly so, some may argue. After all, who cares Georgian cup-winners FC Dila Gori could meet Anothorsis Famagusta – who qualified via a peculiar play-off system in Cyprus – in the next round? It’s a tin-pot cup right? Too many games and not enough prestige. I beg to differ at this point. A quick... Read more »

12th July 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Freund with Benefits

Ok, so Steffen Freund then. Erstwhile Spurs midfield enforcer of the late 90s – quite a rare breed in itself in those times – wherein his path crossed with George ‘brown paper bag’ Graham. Freund was able to add to a relatively modest yet not completely insignificant tally of titles and footballing achievements (2 Bundesliga and one UEFA Champions’ League) with a Worthington Cup win in 1999 at the hands of the mighty Leicester City. In a weird arc away from the hero of the piece, the aforementioned arthritic former-woolworths gaffer was dismissed from his job at Spurs following what... Read more »

24th May 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

We’re Spurs

So here’s the thing, the latter part of our season has led us to the cusp of Champions’ League qualification and while we can point fingers at who is ‘to blame’ [Harry, the players or Chelsea], ultimately our London neighbours saw us relegated to the Europa League doing the very thing we should have done marginally more of, winning matches at all costs. Of course, we’re Spurs and we blew it, like we blew every other chance for silverware this season, by a) going out on pens to Stoke, b) losing AT HOME to (!) PAOK, c) getting slaughtered by... Read more »

25th April 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

The Referee’s a Pentium Quad-core Processor…

Back in 2009, a certain blogger on a Tottenham Hotspur site suggested that Football as an industry lags behind its competitors – if you can call American Football, tennis, cricket and both the rugbys ‘competition’ – in that they all have the benefit of some form of technology to assist the officiating members with their job. The piece was probably inspired by some form of injustice that occurred in a Spurs game, though the author denies this (“Video Referees: The Time Has Come“, have a look for yourself). Once again we find ourselves in the almost post-apocalyptic meltdown that follows... Read more »

16th April 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

At times like this…

At times like this it is opportune to reflect upon a number of things. Many have spoken about the phantom goal, a few have pointed out we were in the ascendancy before our opponents went one-up yesterday and could have taken the lead and others have focused upon the choices made by the manager in addressing the deficit. We will all go through a range of emotions over the coming day or two and how we arrive at the end is not universally the same but arrive at the same place we will. At times like this I remember why... Read more »