Daniel Levy and The Most Important Transfer Window Ever

by The Fighting Cock


You’d hope that football chairman pay little attention to the internet. I don’t envision him signing up to our forum any time soon to keep us updated on the latest transfer news and I’m pretty sure that Daniel Levy hasn’t got a Twitter account. He’s surely too busy busting the balls of other chairman and football agents to have time to tweet.

levy twitterDan Levy @danlevyTHFC: Had soup for lunch. Carrot and coriander. #reem

levy twitterDan Levy @danlevyTHFC: Harry wants to play golf with me at the weekend. Going to tell him I’m busy #awkward

If he was to have a Twitter account he would currently be bombarded by Spurs fans telling him to ‘JUST GET IT DONE!!!111!!’ and ‘SIGN VERTONHAGANAN! HE IS CLASS ON FIFA!’. Now, aside from a fantastically edited highlights video on YouTube, I haven’t seen Vertonghen play football, I’m pretty sure most Spurs fans haven’t, yet there is an overwhelming tide of supporters wondering ‘WHY HAVEN’T WE SIGNED HIM YET! HE LOVES US!’.

Don’t get me wrong, the boy looks the business, and hopefully will be signed and go on to form a lifelong partnership with Kaboul and/or Caulker, but lets sit back and trust that Levy knows what he is doing.

Tottenham Hotspur is currently a well run football club and has been since ENIC took over. We are one of the very few clubs in England not to have crippling banks loans and other debts to pay off. All of this is largely down to Levy and his associates keeping a healthy check on our transfer dealings and the clubs wage structure, squeezing every last penny out of a deal and looking at every option available. And as much as we moan when we sign the likes of Nelsen and Saha, we need to remember that many of us moaned when we also signed Friedel and Parker, both of whom have been pretty successful signings. Yet the club continues to grow and progress.

We should have pushed on in January and maybe spend a little more. It was after all The Most Important Transfer Window in the History of Tottenham Hotspur Mk III. Quite frankly, with Redknapp’s court case, and probably having been scared off by the signings of Bentley and Bent, as well as Torres and Liverpool’s triumphant signings, I don’t mind that Levy was cautious to spend heavily, particularly in January. The squad was good enough in the first half of the season and should have been good enough in the second half.

levy twitterDan Levy @danlevyTHFC: This is going to be the BEST TRANSFER WINDOW EVA!!!1!!1 #COYS

So now, entering The Most Important Transfer Window in the History of Tottenham Hotspur Mk IV, it looks like Redknapp will be here next season, and with a possible place in the Champion’s League, it seems Levy is finally ready to spend a little more money. Let him take his time, as long as he gets his man. Every million saved is money that can be spend elsewhere be it on wages, a player, or the new stadium. £19,300 p/w spend on a players wages is £1M a year, so if Levy haggles a little bit here and there, and wants to make sure a player is moved on for a decent price, then lets leave him to it.

I’m sure he knows what mistakes he has made in the past, and where deals and players have slipped through our fingers, and he will be certain not to let it happen again. He is a businessman, not a football fan, but we both want the same thing, a successful Tottenham Hotspur.

That said if we sign Yakubu at 9pm on 31st August I’ll be livid.

levy twitterDan Levy @danlevyTHFC: Just got the Yak in the office. Made him sign using a navy blue pen! #coys

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