Proud to be Bayern?

by The Fighting Cock


So 38 games done and dusted and what are we left with? A week praying to the footballing gods that come Saturday night Spurs have their rightful place in the Champions League.

Come on, we deserve it don’t we? Surely? If we’d been offered 4th back in August we would have sold our mothers to take it. Yet now, to some fans it feels like it should have been so much more. I agree, I really do – the way we were playing in the opening half of the season was a joy to behold, so anything mini capitulation that followed was always going to be a disappointment.

The reason behind the change of results will probably never been known, but it’s something of a mixture of bad luck, poor management, loss of form, and the England manager debacle. And yet I just can’t help be positive about what lies ahead for our great, if a little under achieving club, from N17.

[typography font=”PT Sans” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”#222222[/linequote]The once cemented top four are now a thing of the past and I know where I’d rather be in seasons to come.[/typography]

We have a young squad of genuine world class talent, the majority of which would walk into most other sides on our level and beyond. And they will improve, make no mistake – yet it was possibly our key shortcoming, that lack of winning mentality that comes with winning trophies on a regular basis. The belief that we could compete with United and City for the duration. The knowhow of beating the less adventurous when it really mattered – that cost us most dear.

We have a manager that for his faults has given us some of the best football this club has seen in decades. He has turned a club from dreamers to believers and raised expectation beyond belief. Like him or not, he has given us our swagger back and has caused the elite to look firmly over their shoulders. The once cemented top four are now a thing of the past and I know where I’d rather be in seasons to come.

Take a step back and have a glance down the Seven Sisters Road – look at the other lot’s reaction to finishing one point ahead of us in the table… that alone will tell you more about the continued rise of our club, more than this or any other blog could.

And we are 90 minutes away from yet another landmark in our history. No longer will we be the unknowns of Europe’s premiere club competition, but a threat, a team capable of untold success. We need to stand tall, be brave, hope and above all believe those footballing gods are for once smiling down on the Lilywhites. While I love being Spurs, I’m proud to be Bayern if only for a day.


BH1977Author: SpursDreamer
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