A statement of intent

by Editor


Though an empty trophy cabinet, Pochettino’s reign has seen nothing but success in my eyes. Consistently over achieving, spending little or no money, relying on youth and hard work to build the team we see today. Poch relies on his managerial ability to get the best out of whats provided. Sissoko’s immaculate transformation last season is a testament to everything he’s brought to the club. Its this management which has helped us compete in recent years, without the luxury of splashing the cash to make any quick fixes to the team. Unfortunately, success in Football is best defined by trophies won, something we’ve lacked during the Premier League era and as Poch now enters his 6th year at the club, its time to make a real statement.

On the back of the Champions League Final, Spurs proved their one of the big boys in world Football, but Poch made it very clear he needed to invest this summer to take the next step. As always Tottenham were linked with every player and their dog this summer, leading to the false hope each and every Spurs fan suffers at some point. The similar feeling of eating a greasy kebab after a night out, deep down we know its wrong, but just can’t help ourselves. And as another window passes, I can’t help but feel were left with more questions than answers. A difficult window in many ways, one which saw the very best and very worse of I’ll beloved chairman. Four fresh faces pictured in the famous white shirt, three of which staying for the season ahead. But the question is, have Tottenham actually improved?

Our situation is comparable to a team from an entirely different game of football who we could see grace the very same stadium as us. The New York Giants could be one of the teams who make use of the retractable pitch that allows for NFL games to be played at the New White Hart Lane. They are a team you would not like to bet against and if you do then make sure you check the New York Giants betting odds first.

Anyway, back to Spurs. Ndombele, the first signing of the window has slotted nicely into the team, filling the massive whole left by Dembele in the previous season. For me this could be one of the signings of the season across all leagues. From what I’ve seen, and I dont just mean on YouTube, the player is the perfect replacement for the Belgian international and fits into the style of play Poch demands from his players. With the ability to add assists and a debut goal to his game, maybe we’ve found the Dembele 2.0.

Next we’ve seen the additions of Lo Celso & Sessengon. Two players widely considered to have great potential, but two I question will actually improve the side. With Eriksen, Rose and Wanyama still potentially on the move, how can we argue we’re better off from this time last season. Our starting eleven is as good as any other, but its our quality of depth which saw us struggle at times last season and when you also consider the likes of Llorente & Trippier have departed, whom of which have not been replaced, the squad starts to look thin.

Of course this is only speculation, Eriksen and Rose could both stay, Parrot & Walker-Peters may make the step up, at which point you can argue we have improved. However I refer you back to some words previous ‘its time to make a real statement’. Levy’s way is to always sniff out a bargain or at the very least get the best deal possible for each and every signing, but this season I can’t help feel we needed a switch up. A name is not just something the fans sing on the weekend, its something which helps a player demand higher wages, a higher transfer fee, a higher Fifa rating. Your name is your reputation and though this doesn’t always guarantee quality, Sanchez being a recent prime example, within some of a select few footballers, a name makes a statement, a statement of intent that lets the world of Football know where looking and aiming for the best.

Now the best don’t come cheap, but you pay for so much more than the name on the shirt, you pay for everything the player brings to the club, both on and off the pitch. Dybala, a player of great quality and one without watching, fans know his reputation. This deal was always going to be tricky, wages, agents and the overall fee to name a few, but one which could have been so important to Tottenham’s season. Players want to play with the best and seeing someone of this calibre walk through the door, morale is only going to increase and get fans and players alike excited to watch the lad play. The Champions League loss is still fresh, a tough start to the season and the potential loss of Eriksen could all prove detrimental to what lies ahead. I remember Van der Vaart, I remember Edgar Davids, massive names, players who put bums in seats and smiles on faces. Van der Vaart is one of the best players I’ve seen, technically outstanding and I remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement when the yellow bar of SkySports News put ours and his name together.

You’d think the shirt sales alone would have enticed Mr Levy to put his stubbornness aside and do anything to bring the player to the club. This has been on my mind for the last two seasons, with Gareth Bale spearheading the statement I believe we need. Ask any local barman in West London, the chances are they’ve heard this all before from my drunken rants, give me 10 beers and I’ll win England the world cup. By now the assumption can be made that I’m somewhat of a deluded Tottenham fan, but in truth I’m fairly realistic. I know the likes of Bale and Dybala were always a dream, but after last seasons Champions League journey, can you blame anyone for believing anything can happen.

A statement of intent, the missing link to the Worlds definition of success? Hopefully I’m wrong, COYS!!




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