Tips to start and develop your football blog

by Jessica Vainer


If you are a fan of a sport, it could be converted into a lucrative and fulfilling past time when you create a sports blog. If you wish to start a sports blog, it is easily done with the availability of several blog content platforms. Simply choose the platform of your choice, get familiar with the way posts are made and uploaded and you are ready. Here are some handy tips provided on how to start a sports blog that is akin to how one can hire a writer online.

Getting Started

There can be several niches or subtopics under a certain game category. When you are about to start a sports blog, it is best that you give this some thought. It is best to pick a topic that you have expertise or knowhow about, are enthusiastic about following the current events and would be able to post updates on the same. It would help to find a niche about a game that does not have too many portals on the same.

For instance, while global football is a topic that is covered in many websites and portals, you might cover the same for your state or region if it is a popular recreation locally. It would draw in a unique audience and more participation from enthusiastic local fans as well as players, clubs and local communities. Hence, no matter which game you choose, narrow down to a subtopic or niche that would make it different and draw in an active audience or reader pool.

Link to Social Media

Once you have gotten round to the basics of how to start a sports blog and have uploaded some content, marketing it to a relevant audience is the next step. For that, it is best to put your posts and updates on social media. It becomes a tool that is invaluable to the market as well as develops a stream of followers for your posts. While getting direct visibility for your website through Google and other search media might take time, when your posts are advertised on channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it can help to bring followers and readers to your domain easily. You might consider professional writers for hire to give your articles the right finish.

Social media is useful for posting links to the news articles on your domain; you can even post photos, GIFs and other material related to your website that seeks attention, builds awareness and highlights events or upcoming reads that readers might be interested in. One can also invite guest articles and comments on their domains through such platforms.

Monetizing a Sports Blog

There are several platforms that sell ideas, products, and services. For instance, if you are looking for essay writers for hire, you will type in relevant words in a search engine and be redirected to such a site. Forums that talk about how to find professional essay writers will provide links to the same and are able to draw in from the sales that happen at the links or sites they advertise. Similarly, when you create a sports blog, there are ways to monetize it as well.

  • One can start by linking to merchandise brands that associate with that sport. Selling merchandise related to the game will attract followers, fans and related customers to the portal. They will sign up for updates and also use the links you provide to visit the merchandise sites and make purchases. Many brands are known to sponsor such sites and hence, earnings come in from such sponsors as well as a certain percentage that is gained from sales made from the site links.
  • The members-only section can be created where people can sign-up or subscribe to get exclusive content and information updates for a minimal fee.
  • Affiliate marketing programs abound and one can enroll their website for the same; this will bring in sponsors and sellers of different services and products who would pay for the association.
  • Google Adsense also pays when one signs up for the program to allow Google to place relevant ads on their site.

As viewership to one’s platform grows, one can approach related companies, club associations or clubs to sponsor and advertise their products, events and links to your updates.

Post Updates and Link to Related Sites

Even if profitability is not your goal, there are other ways to keep your website going. Provide updates of recent events on the site and updates of upcoming ones. If there are similar sites on the same game or those that would benefit from your website’s linkage, you can invite them to post guest topics on your forum. You can also write about their websites and encourage your readers to visit their sites.


When you are a fan of football, one way of exploring more of your favorite pastime is to create and run a website on it. It is akin to a virtual diary that you maintain about it and provide updates as per the different events that occur. When you promote your articles on social media and others take an interest in it, the word spreads and that, in turn, will provide inspiration to do more.


All views and opinions expressed in this article are the views and opinions of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of The Fighting Cock. We offer a platform for fans to commit their views to text and voice their thoughts. Football is a passionate game and as long as the views stay within the parameters of what is acceptable, we encourage people to write, get involved and share their thoughts on the mighty Tottenham Hotspur.


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