Leagues pandemic panic

by Sarah Williams



Since the world got hit by the coronavirus pandemic, there have been lots of changes in every event in the world including sports events. The crisis has led to the suspension of several matches and games in all parts of the world. In the world of football, several championships have been cancelled due to this virus which its end is uncertain.

The opening Queensland Champions Cup introducing the English Premier League outfits Crystal Palace and West Ham United slated for July has been suspended due to the coronavirus. The show organizers are hoping that the game which will equally feature Brisbane’s A-League team – can take place in 2021.

The Roar has been arranged to be host Crystal Palace in Townsville on July 11 and West Ham later the Gold Coast four days after just before the Premier League outfits have their faceoff in Brisbane on July 18. But the uncertainty triggered by this pandemic has made cup organizers come up with another date.

West Ham manager David Moyes reported they are not happy with the fact that their game in Queensland must be shifted to a later date, but it is the best decision to take as a result of the world’s current situation. He hopes a new date can be fixed once things get back to normal and their next visiting stop will be Australia.

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Crystal Palace chairman reveals his anxiety to host the famous teams once the pandemic is over.

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish added that the club will try to do all they can to play in Queensland next year. The entire team is sad about being unable to make the club’s remarkable trip to Queensland this July, but the tour will be rescheduled for 2021. The party chairman said that they will try their possible best to reschedule the tour for 2021 once everything returns to normalcy with the Premier League program for the rest of this season, and next year’s interim timings as well.

The CEO of Roar, David Pourre said Brisbane is still very much happy and will be happy to welcome England’s most famous clubs to Queensland in the nearest future.


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