Should Team Loyalty Factor When Betting?

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Many football fans enjoy betting on the sport and for most of us, that involves betting on games in the league or country where the team plays who we support. Should your team loyalty be a factor when you are placing your football bets?

Tottenham fans will have fond memories of when they have landed a successful bet on their side. Others will be shaking their heads wondering why they back their team on a particular day.

There is no pattern here, some you win and some you lose, but you will always feel emotion when it involves the club you love

Fans of teams up and down the country will have felt one of these, and many will have felt both. So, does your team loyalty matter when you are placing your wager?

Is Your Team Knowledge an Advantage?

When you are betting on any sport, a common piece of advice is to narrow down your options and become an expert on one or two leagues. You will not have any better knowledge on any football team in the world than what you have on your own, so should you be using this?

If you were able to completely separate yourself from emotion, then the answer to this question would certainly be yes, you should use it.

However, betting, football and your club colours are highly emotional subjects, and for that reason it is probably best that you stay away from betting on your own team, either to win or lose.

Loyalties and emotion will muddy the waters, and make things harder for you to decipher, even if you have superior knowledge of your team compared to everyone else in the league.

Should You Ever Bet Against Your Team?

There will be many people either thinking about this now, or have thought about it in the past. Should you ever bet against your own team?

Using the above, that knowledge of your team is good and can give you an advantage, should you use that in a negative way. This is where you need to look at your betting and how much you love your club.

Are you happy to see your team lose, in favour of winning a bet, or do you want to see your team win at all costs, even when you think they won’t?

It takes a brave person to bet against their own team in any way, which is why many of us choose to not do it. When you are placing bets and taking advantage of offers such as the latest Bet365 bonus, there are many teams and leagues you can bet on.

Don’t go against your own team for the sake of it, there is no need to cause yourself heartache doing this.

Head or Heart?

A conundrum that many fans and punters will have faced in the past is head or heart. This isn’t always about your own team either.

Do you really want to bet on Arsenal to win an upcoming game? Or will you take great pleasure in seeing them record a surprising loss against a lower team? Your heart would love the Arsenal loss, while your head is probably telling you to back them.

With so many football fans having big emotional ties towards many clubs, both those they like and those they don’t, it is hard to differentiate from these when betting. How will you feel when the Premier League standings show something you don’t like, but it has won you a bet?

What punters should always do is bet with their head and ignore their feelings towards certain clubs. That is hard for many of us though, and in these instances the best option may be to leave these teams our of your equation.




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