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Betting on Football: Why Do It Online?

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by Editor

There’s just no reason to stop at a brick and mortar bookie anymore. Here’s why doing it online is the far better option (most of the time, anyway).

I used to be an old school gambler with a routine that almost became a superstition. Head over to the local bookie before the match, put a wager on Jürgen Klinsmann scoring first, and enjoy the proceedings with a pint (or two) in hand. Good times… 

Nowadays match days look noticeably different. A little less hair. Kane instead of Klinsmann. No more White Hart Lane. Ticket prices that rival my mortgage payments. And instead of heading over to my favourite bookie, I now place my pre-match bet from my tablet or iPhone. Betting on football online is quick, easy and accessible after-all.

There’s just no reason to stop at a brick and mortar bookie anymore. Here’s why doing it online is the far better option (most of the time, anyway).

Bonuses and Boosters 

Online bookies offer bonuses. Brick and mortar alternatives don’t. It’s a simple yet compelling reason to bet online instead. The reason online bookies can offer better deals is the lack of expensive overhead. No expensive rents on the high street. This results in having the option of taking advantage of dozens of free bets when you first sign up. Doing this alone can result in a few hundred quid without much effort. 

Before the match, you’ll also often get boosters, where online bookies slash odds to entice you to place a bet on a double (Bergwijn to score and Spurs to win, for example). And while a good majority are duds, decent deals can be found; the fact that you can quickly check online for the best deal makes it worth a punt. Just make sure you compare the individual odds for each event and figure out whether you’re being presented with value. 

Place a Bet Whenever, Wherever 

Let’s say you get wind of a last-minute injury for the Gunners (is it wrong to hope it’s Aubameyang?), but you’re out for a pint with your mates. You know they’re going to lose, so you whip out your phone and place a quick bet for Arsenal to lose. If you’d gone to your bookie to do that, the odds would have changed by the time you arrived. 

The clear advantage of being able to place a bet whenever and wherever you are is the sheer convenience of it all. You can place a cheeky wager when you’re out with the missus, while you’re in a boring meeting, or when you’re in the middle of nowhere without a Ladbrokes or William Hill in sight. Placing a last-minute bet takes just a few seconds. 

Check for the Best Odds 

When I first started betting on football online, I found a gem I’ve not let go of since. There’s a nifty little site called OddsChecker, which allows you to sift through the odds without having to visit each site independently. 

I approach things in two ways. First, if I’m convinced Toby is going to score with a header to beat Arsenal, I go to that specific bet option and put my money on the best site. Second, I scour the various markets and look for value. This takes a little more experience, as you need to build up a bit of a nose for finding the right deals. 

What is really helpful with having a site like OddsChecker (or equivalent) open while doing my bets is that it turns me from a ‘gut truster’ to someone that looks at the pure statistics. While I usually gamble small amounts for just a bit of fun, over time I reckon I’ve come out a few quid richer as a result. 

Greater Selection of Markets 

The sheer amount of betting options you have online these days is astounding. You can bet on the number of red cards in a match, how many corners and throw-ins, whether Kane will score and get sent off in the same game, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

Bookies offer a bunch of options, sure, but it’s a miniscule percentage compared to what you can find online. I have the feeling if you look hard enough, you can bet on Hoddle coming out of retirement and scoring an extra time winner against our rivals (hey, one can dream, right?). 

Ssh! I Still Sometimes Go to a Bookie 

Let’s end with a little secret. I’ve just given you a bunch of reasons why you should skip heading to the high street to visit your local bookie. And while I stand by the claim that online betting is superior in almost every way, I still go to a bookie every once in a while. 

Why? Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of banter with the guys working over at William Hill. And when it’s the second round of the FA Cup and you have a bunch of random teams playing, there’s nothing better than watching Sky Sports covering them all at the same time, chatting to fellow punters. And while I enjoy the nostalgia of visiting a bookie, I always leave with an overriding feeling: betting online is just so much better. 

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