Why amateur soccer players should consider trying out CBD oil

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There’s no denying the powers and benefits of CBD. There is simply no way that thousands upon thousands of users could be wrong about CBD’s effectiveness. The proof is in the pudding and no one knows about the benefits of CBD quite as well as athletes today.

Sportsmen and women from all backgrounds as varied as soccer and MMA to golf and basketball have openly expressed the power of cannabidiol in their lives. As a matter of fact, some are even working actively with various CBD companies across the country to endorse these magical products that have been benefitting users for decades.

So why CBD for soccer players?

Athletes put a lot of strain on themselves but that’s just what’s required of the job. Training stress is what fuels adaptation and enhanced performance but on the flip side, it also leads to physical trauma and prolonged wear and tears that consequently leads to inflammation, chronic pain, and elevated risk of injuries.

Methods of pain management vary and most are effective. However, they come with tons of side effects that can be debilitating in some cases. In the search for a much better alternative for sports recovery and safe relief from pain, many athletes, soccer players included, choose to turn to CBD.

CBD is non-toxic, cannot be abused or cause dependence unlike most painkillers in the market today. Chronic over the counter pain relievers pose greater health risks, which is an issue of concern as we are currently living amid an epidemic of opioid addiction that has seen overdoses kill hundreds if not thousands of helpless souls.

In such a difficult climate, soccer players have every right to seek alternative sources of pain relief, as well as reduced inflammation sands all the associated risks of opioids. And that’s not all CBD can do; it also boosts focus, enhances better sleep, improves one’s moods, helps with stress and anxiety management, and more. Why wouldn’t soccer players seek out these benefits and more?

Specifically, many soccer players both amateur and professional find that CBD helps them with:

Pre-match anxieties

CBD has a calming effect that helps relieve pre-game jitters and nerves that come naturally in the run-up to a match. As stated above, CBD also ensures that users enjoy a good night’s rest, which is vital for ensuring that they are fully prepared and well-rested for the task ahead.

Weight management

A lot of individuals rely on CBD to suppress their appetite, making it easier for them to stick to their healthy diets and maintain the physique needed to succeed as a great soccer player.

Pain relief

A little bit of inflammation is often a good thing for athletes as it helps to stimulate positive training adaptations. However, when it’s too much, sore muscles and joint pain often holds soccer players back from their strenuous training regimes.

CBD boasts anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving components that can help soccer players train harder or get back to their training form quicker. Granted, CBD may not be as effective as opioids when it comes to relieving acute, high-intensity pain. However, it offers a long term pain management solution that can be used in conjunction with other medication, without the risk of dependence or even accidental death.

Strengthened immune system

The components of CBD help soccer players of all ages to strengthen their immune systems so that their bodies can in turn offer more resistance to stress and infections. This, of course, is a great benefit to all individuals, not just athletes.

Is CBD allowed in sports like soccer?

Research studies into CBD are on the rise. That plus the anecdotal evidence from individuals that have previously utilized CDB has made it hard to ignore this wonder cure. At the start of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances.

To boot, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) followed suit and they even have a page that’s solely dedicated to clarifying the rules. That means that athletes including soccer players can consume CBD without fear of repercussions or punishment.

How can soccer players utilize CBD?

The beauty of CBD is that it comes in so many forms; athletes just have to pick their most preferred form of consuming CBD. Some older athletes and soccer players have been known to vape through CBD infused e-liquids but younger athletes often use capsules, CBD oils, and balms for massages and even CBD infused sports drinks.

CBD is also easily infused in all sorts of edibles. There are also topical creams and lotions containing CBD, as well as tinctures and drops that can be placed under the user’s tongue.

Is there anything more you should know before attempting to use CBD?

If you are a soccer player that’s also drug tested regularly, taking CBD in any of its forms should not cause you to test positive for THC, especially if you opt to use CBD isolates over full-spectrum, products. If you do intend to introduce CBD to your life or your child’s life, ensure that you read the product labels extensively as well as do your research to make certain that you are only using the highest quality products.

Although CBD is natural and does not have side effects except mild ones, it is always a good idea to seek advice from a medical professional before incorporating CBD into your routine. This is especially important if you have underlying conditions or are already on another treatment plan.

This is crucial as CBD may interact with the medication that you are taking, which will affect your body’s ability to break down the medicine. If you are new to CBD, you want to start with a much lower dose to first see how your body will react to it. Once you become accustomed to the effects, you can then work on increasing your doses.

Feel free to experiment with the different forms before you settle for a preferred method. There is still so much that we learn about CBD but what we already know now has proven that it is worth being explored by athletes.




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