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9th December 2011 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

The Wind of Change

By drwinston001 (drwinston001) Before I start I should explain a little about myself. I’ve been supporting spurs since 1990, so while I’ve been lucky enough to see some very talented players in that time with the likes of Gazza and Lineker, Dozzell and Nethercott, Sheringham and Klinsmann, King and Ginola, I’ve had to endure some of the leaner years in the clubs history. These years of transition have been punctuated with the occasional glimmer of hope with 3 trophies won in that time and the odd run in the league when we didn’t concede a goal for a few games.... Read more »

6th December 2011 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Ricky and Flav’s little day out… featuring Clive Allen

Sunday 24th November 2011. For some reason, other than that we’d agreed to attend (we obviously could’ve stayed in bed), we traipsed across London to watch a game between some Sunday League Club called Ivory FC and the Nivea England Legend XI. You might ask ‘why?’. ‘To interview Clive Allen’ we’d answer. For a write up of the event click here. Otherwise click on the play button below to hear the lot. Ricky and Flav’s little day out… featuring Clive Allen

29th November 2011 | Blog

Tottenham ‘Money Ball’ Hotspur

By Sibs (SibsTHFC) Ok, stick with me on this one, as I know the title of the post implies I’m about to chat away about baseball and maths for a while. For those that aren’t familiar Money Ball is the latest Brad Pitt film that will no doubt win an Oscar or two. It is based on the story of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletic baseball team. No, I haven’t seen the film, read the book, or claim to have any knowledge of baseball, but I do know the basic premise of the film/story. Beane set... Read more »

25th November 2011 | Blog

BMC FC Christmas Appeal

[progress id=1063] Target: £200 [button size=”large” color=”green[/linequote]Thank you![/button] To make a donation send it via paypal or click on the button above. As you all know, the Mighty Meat Men of the Botswana Meat Commission are our adopted second team, we love them almost as much as we do Spurs, almost. Since we have adopted them they are not only unbeaten, but they have won every single game and have climbed to 2nd in the Botswana Premier League table. Some say this is down to their superb manager, Mr. Daniel Chico Dance Nare, but I would like to think... Read more »

24th November 2011 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Lunchtime Legends – End of season round up

By The Oxford Chap (The Oxford Chap) The Fighting Cock enjoyed this so much that we thought we’d share it with you. We warn in advance that it only has a fleeting reference to Tottenham, but you might yet get something from it. Basically, we take you for more than philistines. For more of The Oxford Chap’s musings click here What had hoped to be a mildly amusing anecdote and an excuse to “run around a bit”, soon turned out to be the inevitable shit sandwich it was always destined to be. And unfortunately, the romantic notions of somehow being... Read more »

22nd November 2011 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Want my Berba back, Berba back, Berba back, Yids!

By Mike Stevenson (mikeinparma) I want to discuss that’s something that has bugged me over the last three years: Dimitar Berbatov. To discuss my feelings for Berba, I have to go back to the beginning. In my first year as a Spurs supporter at the ripe old age of 25 and coming from the US, I’d come a long way in understanding the game, how it was meant to be played, what constituted shit football, etc etc. Who were the players that could dazzle us, who were the ones to make us perpetually face palm (I’m looking at you, Lee... Read more »

22nd November 2011 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Redknapp Out!

Via drwinston001 from The Fighting Cock forum. There’s a massive elephant in the room and it’s about time we discussed it. There was a time in the not so distant past when I could rely on Spurs failing gallantly, perhaps scoring 3 spectacular goals for us to celebrate but letting in a 4th in the 89th minute. Yeah we’d lost the game but we’d given it our all and entertained the crowd. We were the Newcastle under Kevin Keegan without the title challenge or Scottish accents. We always had at least 3 or 4 players in the team we could... Read more »

14th November 2011 | Blog, TFC News

New Logo

You would think creating a new logo would be difficult. A time consuming and expensive thing to do probably. The Olympic 2012 logo, you know the one that looks like Lisa Simpson is performing felatio on her brother, or sick, took months to do and cost £400,000. That isn’t a joke, or tabloid hyperbole, that’s fact. £400k. That’s four Jimmy Greaves and change. The Fighting Cock logo took a few days. And didn’t cost us anything. This is down to two factors. 1. Case, webmaster to The Fighting Cock, is apparently a design extraordinaire. 2. He works for free out... Read more »