BAE chants

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To the Hangover Tiger Song,
What does benny dream of, when he takes a little benny snooze,
does he dream of mauling gooners, or super pav in a lycra suit,
*as far as i got, help with the rest*
annnnd dont you worry you little afro head, we will get you back to harry and you little benny bed,

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The Fighting Cock
haha I like the idea, don't think it's one for the terraces but I'd love to hear it on the podcast.

I'd change it to "does he dream of mauling gooners, or gareth bale in a lycra suit,"
I gotta a classic fuckn chant for old Benni

Benni Benni Benni in white and blue
fuck every other leftback they aint got shit on you
the Lane is were you'll see him
we all want to be him
Benny Benny Benny, can't you see
Sometimes your hair hypnotises me
The car you drive's environmentally friendly
Your pass to Bale drives me into a frenzy

Got to borrow the tune of Benny & the Jets, surely.

Here he comes running, have you seen him yet
But he's so spaced out, B-B-B-Bennie on the left
Oh but he's weird and he's wonderful
Oh Bennie he's really keen
He's got electric boots, and he gets the Tube
You know he's the best you've ever seen
B-B-B-Bennie on the left

And then you can split into two groups for the call and response "Benny!" "Benny!" "Benny!" bits.

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The Fighting Cock
From JoeBeeLovesYou on twitter

Song for BAE, to the tune of this...


Benoit Assou-Ekotto! (repeat x 500)
I dont have a BAE one, can I do Kaboul one instead?

to the tune of aga do do do

Ka-a boul boul boul
head like boulder, legs like trees
ka-a boul boul boul
not quite ledley but good kness
to the left, to the right
up and down he'll jump all night
he's from france, likes a dance
and he scooored agaaainst leee arrrrse
To the tune of pussycat dolls - don't ya........

Don't ya wish your left back was B-A-E
Don't ya wish your left back was B-A-E
Don't ya ?? Don't ya!??

More verses needed but has potential!!


The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
that's been done and I don't think a bunch of pissed up yids will be singing that, we need an anthem. :)

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