Bill Nic's Legacy

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Hello all!

“Bill Nic’s arv” is a monthly column I write for the Norwegian Supporters. It means Bill Nic’s Legacy in Norwegian. This being the 47th article. However, this is the first time we publish the column in English. As a build up for the final I asked Paul Smith, Theo Delaney, Micky Hazard, Rob White and David Howells some questions. The first part was online yesterday, today it's the second one.

Today you can read what they had to say about Mauricio Pochettino and VAR.

On Pochettino and VAR

The first part can be found here: Bill Nic’s Legacy – Champions League Special

Cheers, Erlend

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There doesn't seem to be an overwhelming interest of this, but I had a it of work with it and the answers from the experts were very good imho.

The experts are Micky Hazard, David Howells, Paul Smith, Theo Delaney and Rob White.

Part 3 of 4 of Spurs Norway's Bill Nics Legacy special CL edition is online.
Today's questions take us back to THAT night in Amsterdam and Lucas Moura's place among the stars at Spurs.
Day 1 with a presentation of the panel and the first question:…/4124-bill-nic-s-legacy-cha…
Day 2 with Pochettino and VAR as main topics:…/4126-on-pochettino-and-var
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