Conte: winners and losers

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I actually think we have the perfect amount of time until the transfer window where he can figure out who the bad eggs are, freeze them out, but not lose the dressing room before selling them.


Surprised how many people think Gil will suffer, our players will likely be asked to actually pass the ball and move rather than be static. I also feel he is better in the centre than on the wing. I think Gil will do well under Conte.


"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
Prediction: Conte is going to punish the squad with a proper, classical Roman decimation.

The squad is going to be randomly split down the middle in two groups of ten. They will draw straws to determine the 3 or 4 that get to sit out.

Then the individual groups of ten will draw straws again. The loser in each group of ten is beaten to death by the other nine. Anyone that refuses to participate is crucified to death on public display outside of the stadium.

Harsh but fair.


Looking down at Woolich again
One day soon, Mrs Kane may wake up with a horse's head beside her in the bed. Trouble is, she probably wouldn't realise it - just make it a nice cup of tea.
There will be one very unexpected winner from this.

Jack Clarke

(brought to you by the only poster who told you, before the city game, that NES would be sacked by November - dont doubt me fools)
I feel like Japhet will be the big winner from this.

RCB in a back 3 feels absolutely perfect for him and the skill-set he has. I expect him to be one of the best 6 CB’s in the league by the end of the 22/23 season.

Guido 🇺🇦

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Well if he's not for walking can he kindly adjust the tactics that have seen us overran for the past few games.
I hate all this "walking" bullshit. It's a narrative being driven by those that just expect 20 new signings each and every transfer window.

I get a manager getting it wrong, it happens.

I also think right up to the Chelsea games he's done a fantastic job, getting to grips with the squad, literally transforming the fundamentals and clearly having a team showing some repeatable patterns in our play from back to front (not always slick, not always pretty but genuine green shoots were there for all to see). I wasn't expecting us to beat Chelsea, even if they were really struggling prior to playing us but I was expecting us to perform. I was expecting Conte not to get outcoached 3 games on the trot!

I simply can't get my head around why he persists with a system where we've been clearly struggling under, where in every game we play it with not been the best team. Who, when the line-up was announced today, thought great a 3-4-2 we're gonna smash them?

It took him 1 and a half games when he was at Chelsea for him to ditch a particular system when he realised his player's profile weren't going to be able to play the way he wanted! Nah, not at Tottenham, he just sticks with it, over and over and over whilst we all watch the same performance repeat itself.

Today was always going to be a tough game, Wolves are a good side and Large has got them playing better than at any time under Nuno. But I knew with absolute certainty as saw that team announced that we were going to look shit regardless of the result.

Today and against Southampton have been as bad as anything served up under Nuno!

Maybe, he's doing this as a long term thing, and he feels he has to stick with this because of what he has planned for next season or something, but really I doubt that. It's just shite.

And finally, has he helped build the confidence of the team? This is also down to him, we look passive in periods again, individual confidence is low. Players are not sure where they should be, all the patterns of play have evaporated. This is a massive part of management.

He is a wonderful coach, this isn't in any doubt but right now I think he's been consistently outcoached, bottom line test is that our performances haven't improved, they've declined!
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