cunts who are goons

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Yet another reason to hate that complete and utter cunt.

And the boring, monotone tit supported Hibs when young, but then ' switched' to Woolwich when, funnily enough, they had success.

Much like a few of them I know, anytime they start up I either mention FC Cologne or refer to their south London roots and you either get blank looks or told their stadium is in North London......laughable fan base
Well, I know I started this so probably shouldn't comment, but...

Ian Wright??? IAN FUCKING WRIGHT???!!! Are you serious? One of the cuntiest gooners of all time! Smug, fat, annoying git. Jewsons don't have enough bricks to drop on the cunt's head. Bald 4 eyed wanker. There aren't enough JCBs in London to dig a hole deep enough for him. Scored a ton for the scum and then melted for England. Cunt. Look up "gooner cunt" in the dictionary and it says "see Ian Wright".
I think you're holding back. Tell us how you really feel about him....
I have never met a gooner that wasn't at least a tiny bit of a cunt.

Met a seemingly nice chap at my sister's wedding, but as soon as I found out THE DISGUSTING TRUTH there was a voice at the back of my mind saying "but you're a cunt" after everything he said.

I shared a house with one at uni. He was a bisexual that only fancied guys that looked like him...go figure.
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