Cup final play list.

Gonna find a way, but let's score this CL trophy first.

Fill your boots......
I know Palace come out to this, but as Dave Clarke Five are Tottenham boys and they record on the Tottenham Sound, "Glad All Over" is one of mine. Also "Doo Wah Diddy", changing the words slightly to "there she goes just a walking down the street, singing "I'm a Yiddo, who the flipping heck are you? " (or words to that effect!)
My Uncle use to work with Dave Clarke.
Before he made it big in the music business,they were both pen pushers in Edmonton.
Totally uninteresting fact for you there...
My playlist will include
Loads of Sir Charles and Sir David.
Nice one Cyril.
Madness(i'll over look the fact the singer's a rent boy)
Small Faces and Faces
MacNamaras band
Can't smile without you
And a few Cockney rejects numbers(i know they are a hammers band, but have been part of my pre match play list since the 80s)
And a few old reggae tunes.
That will do

Working till 4 ,so will be playing this at work.
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