Dennis Cirkin

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Interesting that they have him doing an individual session on goal scoring. I wonder if everyone gets these sorts of sessions. Do attackers and strikers get specific defending drills in training?


Nature Knows
Can Cirkin play at 3 at the back or at wing-back? Can anyone tell?

He plays where he wants,
he plays where he wants,
Ooooooh Dennie Cirkin,
He plays where he wants

Can Cirkin play at 3 at the back or at wing-back? Can anyone tell?

He can play LB and CB, very decent left foot, rarely uses his right but he's a lot better on his weaker foot than most. Gets up and down the left flank with a reasonable turn of speed, decent defender and decent attacker, not sure he's been tested recently as an out and out LWB - I'm sure he could cope but probably better as a LB ?
Give these kids the chance now - who knows why not ?
I remember seeing a 16 year old lad called Owen / Rooney / Bale and the list goes on, that we’re tried and tested at a really young age - sure they will make mistakes but if like the boy played in this pre-season with what seemed an older more sensible head - knowing when it was right to go forward when options were there / know when to play it across the back / when to put the tackle in - what more but experience learned at the top level could he grow from to who knows ? Another Bale ?
He started as Left Back but was never that good defending so naturally moved positions up the field growing from what he learnt
I have not heard us linked to buying a new LB so presumably we will manage with what we have. Davies is No 1 but if injured and he cannot play every match so what are the options.
Rose who is the most experienced but his absence from pre season suggests he is out of the picture
Sess Mourinho still not decided on his best position and he played there for a short time. Lacking defensively but better going forward although not really looking like a threat.
Cirkin looked secure defensively but needs tougher tests to really tell. Did not see much of him going forward.
With Verts gone that leaves possibly playing someone not really a LB like Tanganga, Aurier or Foyth.
I think it is between Cirkin and Sess with both getting their chance and it will be whoever takes his chance that we will see most. With the system Mourinho prefers the LB is more defensive possibly giving Cirkin the edge.
The domestic loan market is open until mid October, so wouldnt surprise me to see him staying at Spurs this month, maybe getting some minutes in one or two of the League Cup games we have coming up (when we have 2 mid game weeks in two off the weeks, so will need a lot of player rotation) and going on loan probably in early October. Maybe a Championship club, maybe League 1, wherever he is most likely to get minutes.

Reguilon comes with a buy back clause in favour of Real Madrid so I see it as good news that within 12 months Cirkinn is likely to be able to at least be better equiped to become back up LB at Spurs at that time - although trying to predict youngsters abilitiies in 1 months is a bit of a lottery. Nevertheless it will be a lot risky in 12 months time than now, which pre-Reguilon seeemed to be the plan.
His father passed away and it seems to have set him back a year or so sadly. He is behind Reggie and Gentle Ben. And most likely now behind Sess too.

Should be loaned out.
Def needs a loan. Watched him the other day for a few minutes. Looks to have filled out and looked pretty confident.
As you say there is plenty of competition left side so a loan is what he needs.
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