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White Hart Pain
That's great but the clock doesn't stop and wait for Tottenham, so what was relevant then is relevant in 2021.
We were a big deal before the war, and were a major club from the 50s to the 90s. Then a sharp 10 years of decline, 10 years of slow recovery and 10 years of improvement to where we are now. Bigger and better, but not there yet.
A few seasons of exciting, competitive football followed by sharp regression is not good enough for the amount of capital and emotional investment. For all the attachment we have to the club, it would feel like a massive waste not to do more with it.
Just a few points that sprung to mind whilst reading the last few pages.

Early 60s, I think we were the biggest club. First double winners, first British European trophy winners

The two titles we did win, were different in that they marked out a style, push and run and to what some say was the greatest English side

And it's always been about style for me. a way of doing things, with a flourish as Blanchflower would say.
That's part of why I think we were hated so much in the early 80s, for thinking we were the Madrid of London, that swagger, even off the pitch with the flotation
I rewatched the Man City replay final numerous times over the years; haven't even watched a minute of highlights of the QPR replay win. Or the League Cup v Leicester with Graham. The same with the Goon semi final, watched 15 mins or last 15 every day before work for about 6 months after, yet the forest final, hardly at all.

Of course a club our size should have probably won more this last 20 years, but in this time of oligarchs, it has become harder, and to be in the mix, last four etc, against such wealth is an achievement of sorts.
To get to a Champions League final, with a team I think that cost .83 of a Pogba (Dembele instead of Sissoko) is bettered in modern times only by Athletico Madrid.

Even in that 'failure' as some call it, there were still echoes of glory - the City quarter final, the Ajax semi - 2 of the greatest Champs leagues games ever, in terms of drama. But in that 20 years, I realise that a lot of cup success is down to luck. Not only the draw (Goons 'achieved cup 'glory' by beating a relegated Villa and Hull, as Guido said). We lost semis against United, Chelsea, a final against Chelsea. Portsmouth was the real opportunity missed. Even if we'd beat Newcastle in that semi we'd have faced a very good Goon side in the final. And luck also in Madrid. That 'handball' allowed even a Liverpool who weren't allowed to find their rhythm, to sit back and happily play on the break, their speciality, in 30 degrees heat, knowing another single fuck up by us would have put the game to bed.

Even playing our best football, the Leicester and Chelsea seasons under Poch, it was our bad luck to be better than them and play in Europe, whilst they had a game a week. The table lies in that it doesn't tell the whole story.

And for those of you who do care about bantz on twitter with other fans, a Carabao won't solve your problem. In fact, just getting to that Champs league final did cause your online protagonists no end of misery and angst for a month.

Fans wise, real fans, I would place us in third place in England. How do I calculate that? Not from google, who tend to use twitter followers, from countries that have caught onto Premier League post '92. I don't think any other team in England apart from United would have had our away following after relegation (Chelsea would do one off, set piece turn outs, very few and far between)

A metric I use is how much support would you get if you were relegated? (Geordies proved they were big enough, albeit one city) A bit like how Northern Rock were said to be the biggest bank mortgage market share wise just before the crash and they went tits up.
We did, and would again. Chelsea certainly not, even had to discount and advertise their Champs league group stages quite often. Goons, achieved under Wenger when Prem league took off, and many African fans especially due to their French African players, jumped on board. Not real fans who'd turn up if things went AWOL; their support for me is transient.

Every club can be bantered, success or not. Don't don't do Talk sport but apparently they had a daily Woolwich segment. I think they only had one official trophy winning year between 1953 and 1979; have moved grounds numerous times; tried to merge with Fulham; had to be bailed out by Rangers financially, had numerous players and managers up on charges 'The Woolwich Way'


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
but still they look on at us with a mixture of hate and envy. Because neither has that special elixir, that mystical something that puts the Tottenham in Hotspur.
I know what you mean - the ability to bottle a 3:0 lead in 8 minutes or drop 11 points lead over 6 games

Glory Glory

Lenny Hatchet

Out on good behaviour
When I went to Madrid to watch the CL final, we were outnumbered by about 6 to 1!!!

I was there 5 days before the game . There certainly was at that point 10 to 1 at that stage.
Liverpool qualified 24 hours before which meant their fan base had a huge advantage .
They instantly bought all flights from UK airports and much of the limited accomodation in Madrid.
It left most Spurs supporters with crums or ridiculous super priced deals.
Liverpool have a huge international support through their historic mega European success.
By the day of the final that had reduced to
2 to 1 as many Spurs supporters could only get day flights , expensive 24 hour packages.
What was the the difference Liverpool fans made it an event over many days , through tradition . Coming for 24 hours wasn't good enough it was a festival for them.
With our piss poor performance most never went near the centre after the game.
I was disappointed with our support but it was never an even playing field .

John Thomas

Former serial trophy winners
I don't recall you asking me that, sorry if I missed it, John. My answer would be no of course not. All their success has come post Roman. What's the point here?
Joan . My point is a very simple one mate. Despite you bigging up Chelsea, you yourself acknowledge that if they had endured a simalar lack of success to Spurs over the last 20 odd years their fan base would be nowhere near the size of the the fanbase Spurs have today. Nowhere near.

Hence the reason why despite Abramovich, despite all their silverware, Spurs are, always have been, and always will be a bigger club.

They know this. It's probably why they hate us so much.

But it also pisses on your assumption that we ain't and never have been one of the biggest clubs in England.

What we actually are, is one of the biggest under achieving clubs in England. Probably the biggest
This really is a case of wetting the bed over First World problems, 99% of the football clubs in the UK would love to be in our current dire straits, a couple of cheap jokes from the Dulux hound doesn't alter that.
I would make you right if I thought it was the dog's opinion. But personally,I think one of the humans at Dulux told him to say it. Which changes everything..
Well yeah. We would have had a naming rights partner if they did.

There is a reason why, in the biggest, most-watched league on planet earth only TWO football clubs in the entire League have Stadium naming rights partners that are not associated companies owned by the owner of the Club, they are fucking hard deals to get over the line, especially in a country where they aren't commonplace.

If it was so easy, why haven't Utd, the most whored out club on the planet got one? LFC too, both of these teams have secured deals for their training grounds.
But but but but but....

The clubs that have a stadium naming rights deal are the clubs with new stadiums that cost less than ours to build.
The others, like Liverpol, Chelsea, United, Everton have had their stadiums built and paid for for decades.
The ones with a name, Woolwich, Leicester, Man City, all have (fairly) new stadiums. Same applies across Europe really. Bayern have the Alianz Arena because it's a new stadium.

I'm sure most of us would actually prefer that we stuck with White Hart Lane forever. But we all know to compete at the top table, we need money, and we need to negate the finance on the stadium so as far as I'm concerned, all Levy has done to date, is screw us. In pursuit of the best deal he's got no deal at all. That's poor. He couldn't have forseen the pandemic but it's completely ruined his plan to get the best deal in Europe. I can't see anyone ever comitting to that kind of money ever again.
We are not a "proper big team" we have NEVER been one!!! WE flirted at being one for about 2yrs under Bill Nic. We've won TWO league titles in our entire history.

This I'll have to end as it's been done on here a million times. If you think wanking off to Chelsea's unprecedented spending is how it's done then you are again waiting for a lottery ticket that will not come. That's more tears and sorrow and a world of misery that you are wallowing in, poor chap, I genuinely pity you, but please don't try and bring me down into your dungeon of doom with you, you stay there, as I said you are set to be in there your entire life.

It's not pointless being proud of your team. It's pointless wanking over other football clubs lottery wins and lusting after them, wishing your team was theirs, being affected by their fans.

Let's end this mate. This convo is going nowhere, we are poles apart and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Your glass is empty, while mines half full.

The fact is and its a bitter pill to swallow. When the likes of Roy Keane is on Sky Sports giving it large about us always folding, lads its Tottenham and all that he is bang on, and that's what hurts the most -if you let it.

You keep referring to the Poch years but we bottled every big match under him, we lost semi finals, finals, we threw away a 2 goal lead at Chelsea and came 2nd to fucking Leicester.

We always fluff our lines, we are mentality weak as fuck. And I don't see it ever changing.

So you got two choices, denial, which seems to be your go to. Or acceptance that we are Spursy and embracing the meme which is the option I'm going to go with.

Because life is too short to let this shower ruin your weekends, I actually pissed myself laughing at the Deluxe thing, the club and players 100% deserve it this season.


Those posts were never approved or okayed by anyone high up the food chain at Dulux.

Even the most Gooner of Dulux exec wouldn't muck up a corporate partnership. Especially not 30 minutes after it went public. This was some low level social media editor that thought that they were hilarious. And is now going to be punished.
But they haven't mucked anything up, it's working perfectly! People are talking about Dulux and Spurs, that's what they want. They haven't cast us in a bad light, everyone knew we have fuck all silverware and it's GREAT PR! It builds emphasis on the next cup (coming soon, funnily enough) and immediately shows prospective partners how much value they get from alliances with us.

I'll say it again. IT WASN'T A FUCKING ACCIDENT, it was marketing. This is how it works, people.

Official Spurs: We'll gloss over it.

Hook, line and sinker.
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