Everton away - 3/11/19.

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Are Foyth, Sessegnon and Los Celso all still not 100 percent injury free?

I'm really hoping that they're all still carrying knocks otherwise it means that Poch thinks that what we've got on the field is better than them.

Then coming into the team and giving it a bit more spark and energy is the only thing keeping me going at the moment....
Foyth and GLC are being saved for Argentina

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Even if Poch goes, I just can't see how any manager can get something drastically different out of this group for the rest of this season. One way or another, we have to grit our teeth and suffer through this garbage, until we have the proper transfer window that we've been desperately crying out for.
Premier league footy is complete poverty at the minute. It's been on the decline for years. Round pegs in square holes again. Every player in the front 4 is out of position

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